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10 Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making While Wearing Indian/Ethnic Wear!

Yes, we girls love our ethnic wear and jewellery, but that doesn’t allow us to wear all the right and wrong things together.

Common Indian Ethnic wear mistakes women makes: Deepika Padukone
Common Indian Ethnic wear mistakes women makes (Deepika Padukone Insta)

No girl would say no to Indian wear, especially when the festive and wedding season is going on. We all love to flaunt our gorgeous lehengas, suits, sarees, etc., on occasions like wedding, festivals or pujas. Our wardrobes always have little extra space for ethnic wears, and our love for them never fades. But sometimes, we all make few mistakes while wearing or buying Indian outfits, which can become fashion faux-pas. 

1. While Choosing Fabrics

The most important point to keep in mind is that we need to be very careful with fabrics. Imagine wearing a cotton suit in winters or raw silk in summers can be a big fashion mistake, and it irritates the skin too. So always pick a suitable fabric according to the season, your body shape and comfort. Choose carefully and be stylish always.

2. Wrong Outfit, Right Occasion

The second biggest mistake we all make is opting for the wrong outfit for the occasion. We know every Indian wear looks impressive, but that doesn’t mean you can wear anything on any occasion, like wearing dark colours or bling outfits for summer morning function or a saree gown for religious ceremonies. While choosing an outfit or experimenting, always keep in mind the occasion and dress accordingly.

3. Don’t Follow Fashion Blindly

We all love and want to try all the outfits we see on runways and our favourite Bollywood actresses. But guys, some outfits only look good on runways or in movies. A model wearing an extra heavy saree with a heavy bling jacket blouse on runways can be uncomfortable for you to wear on your brother’s marriage. So if you want to experiment or try new styles, go ahead, but always choose the dress which suits your body type and is comfortable.

Common Indian Ethnic wear mistakes women makes (Ananya Pandey Insta)

4. Dress According to Your Body

We must know our body type to make the right decision while choosing fabric, colour, etc. We sometimes blindly follow fashion which can ruin our overall personality and look. Pick the outfit which defines your body shape, like girls with bigger bust should opt for the bigger prints for bottom pieces, or those who have wider hips can go for flowy outfits below the waist.

5. Don’t Compromise On The Fit

When you get that perfect fabric and dress, but a misfit ruins the whole look for you. A perfect fit is the most important thing when it comes to ethnic wear. Too loose or tight can look bad and kill all your efforts. So take out some time and get the best-fit outfit or get it tailored according to your body fit. 

6. Visible Lingerie

Visible panty lines, bra steps, or wrong undergarment is a big no-no. It would help if you fix/buy lingerie as per your outfit. Always wear nude or skin coloured underwear under a white outfit for that seamless look, strapless bra for your halter, boat-shaped, and off-shoulder necklines, and shapewear are better than traditional petticoat for your sarees. Choose the right bra size or the right kind of lingerie for your dress. 

7. While Choosing Jewelry

Another big mistake we all commit- is choosing and wearing jewellery with an Indian outfit. Yes, we girls love our ethnic wear and jewellery, but that doesn’t allow us to wear all the right and wrong things together. Sometimes we overload ourselves with lots of jewellery which turns out to be another big fashion disaster like an overdose of bling jewellery on a saree or opting for the wrong neckpiece for a particular blouse or suit neckline. Always make sure to make a wise choice and be a diva.

Common Indian Ethnic wear mistakes women makes (Pinterest)

8. Right Shoe Matters

Have you heard the famous quote- Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Chill, we are not asking you to conquer the world, but you can rock the function. Looking perfect head to ankle is not enough; you need to be very careful about your feet too. A wrong pair of shoe can spoil the whole look, so do not ignore shoes and go for that perfect pair of heels. 

9. Overdose of Bling

All the glitters are not gold; likewise, too much bling will not always let you shine bright. Overdose of bling, stones, shine, sequences can kill the charm and ruin your look head to toe. Be sensible and choose the outfit carefully and wisely. Check yourself in the mirror, and if the reflection of the light is too much, it means you need to look for another outfit. 

10. Big no to visible aides or safety pins

Safety pins are essential to keep your outfit intact, especially dupattas and saree. But you need to learn to wear the outfits without adding too many safety pins because if they are visible, they can look bad. Always be very careful with this little thing and keep it hidden as much as you can. 

Dressing well adds to your personality and give you the right amount of confidence to own that party. Follow these fashion mantras, and get ready to turn the heads, 

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