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All About Bagru Print : Types of Printing and their Products

Tucked away in the central area of Rajasthan, India, a village known as Bagru is a living legacy of hand-block printing method that has existed for many centuries. This artisanal method widely named Bagru print has enchanted many kilns of people due to its complex craftsmanship, lively colors, and environmentally friendly processes, constantly writing onto the fabric of Indian culture stories involving artistry and history. Whether it be the vibrancy of the colors or the sheer presence it holds, let’s discover how Bagru printing became a star in the world of fashion and the origins, the diverse types, and the products, known for their quality, that will never die.

What is Bagru Print?

Bagru block print is an endemic practice of hand block printing that is found autochthonous in a village of Bagru situated near Rajasthan. This tedious task is accomplished by a patient process of stamping complex patterns on the fabric with hand carved wooden blocks that have been dipped into natural dyes. This results in a fascinating view of such extraordinary shapes and designs derived from different folk traditions in the area which are excellent examples of cultural heritage.

The journey of Bagru Print is fascinating. It started from a small village and presented itself internationally as a craft.

The roots of Bagru print dive deep into the past and lie in the hands of Navlep, who mastered the art of hand block printing hundreds of years ago in the village of Bagru. To be stimulated by the surroundings of the artisans, the unique artworks of Bagru print that carry-on themselves from one generation to another have been produced, thereby maintaining the tradition and the workmanship of Bagru print that is centuries old.

Types of Bagru Print

Bagru printing falls under a spectrum of a wide range of techniques and styles, each of them possessing its own standout traits and individuality. Two of the most prominent types of Bagru print are:Two of the most prominent types of Bagru print are:

1. Hand Block Print: The age-time practice of Bagru print has its roots in hand carving fine patterns onto wooden blocks which later are dipped in authentic colors and stamped on clothes. Such painstaking manual work results in the meticulous patterns, which stand to be a tribute to the talent and mastery of the artisans.

2. Tie and Dye Print: Bagru artisans apart from introspecting the act of hand block printing, also deal in the tying and dye process known as ‘Bandhani’. This method incorporates tieing of small portions of the piece with thread, before dyeing which results in detailed designs. Next, the dyed fabric gets the final result of an awesome masterpiece that shows off Bagru printer ingenuity.

Products of the Bagru block Print

Bagru art printing has gained recognition for its flexibility and classic appeal, in that it is available in a plethora of products, of which the artistry of this ancient craft can be seen. Some of the most famous products of Bagru print include:Some of the most famous products of Bagru print include:

Rajasthani Lehenga Choli: A traditional ensemble set with a voluminous skirt (Lehenga) and a fitted blouse (Choli), Rich with Bagru print designs that are mainly a modernized traditional style of clothing.

Rajasthani Chaniya Choli: The Chaniya Choli is also one of the woven fabric ensembles worn by women on very special occasions, and it is decorated with Kota Doria patterns and motives .

Bagru Print Kurta and Kurtis: Men and women will both find fashionable Bagru print Kurtas and Kurtis that are known for their image representation, as these Kurtas and Kurtis come with elegant designs and large color palettes that can make an outfit that much more dressed up.

Bagru Printed Shirts: Bagru print art is a culturally acceptable adornment that men of various ages more or less embrace to add a touch of exuberance to a common shirt while promoting cultural preservation at the same time.

Bagru Quilted Jackets: Jacks for everyday life, with Bagru prints incorporated to give some kind of smartness in addition to their coziness and warmth, will make your walk through this autumn months comfortable and interesting.

Conclusion :

Therefore, Bagru printing carries the torch for the great cultural heritage and fine artistic career that Rajasthan always is proud of. From its humble adjacency to Vakru to its widespread popularity as among the fashion world, this do-traditional craft still captivates admirers with its amazing designs, the wonderful colors, and the eco-friendly practices. No matter if it embellishes a Rajasthani Lehenga Choli or a Kurta with a Bagru print or a quilted jacket, the Bagru print is more than decoration – it is a glorification of tradition, handcrafting and the enduring attractiveness of Indian fabrics. henceforth, just please appreciate being a custodian of this amazing legacy of Bagru print and value it with unique heritage allure to your wardrobe today?

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