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Amritsar First Vande Bharat Will Start Next Week, Check Details

Currently there are two vande Bharat Express are running in Punjab but not connecting Amritsar. Check out the Amritsar first Vande Bharat Express train details.

Amritsar First Vande Bharat

The residents of Punjab have held anticipations for the Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express, a longing that has persisted for a considerable duration. Amritsar, a preeminent Sikh pilgrimage destination in India, garners immense recognition. Annually, countless individuals journey to Amritsar from around the globe. The forthcoming introduction of the Vande Bharat Express to Amritsar is poised to enhance the travel experience by providing added convenience and contributing to time-saving benefits.

Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express Train Route

Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express Train Route connect to the India capital New Delhi and the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This Vande Bharat route will cover a distance of 450 km. Curretntly there are 10 train running from Amritsar on regular basis but do to high demand of train seat many passenger are traveeling through the bus between Amritsar and New Delhi.

Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express Train Stop

According to media sources, the inaugural Amritsar Vande Bharat Express is scheduled to make halts at Ambala Cantt Junction, Ludhiana Junction, and Jalandhar City Junction during its journey from New Delhi to Amritsar. This Vande Bharat Express route traverses through three states: Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab.

When Will Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express Train Start?

Reports suggest that the inaugural Bharat Express train to Amritsar in Punjab is anticipated to begin its service in November, aligning with the Diwali festivities of 2023.The Amritsar First Vande Bharat Express will feature a diverse array of tourism attractions, including noteworthy projects such as the Summer Palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, a panoramic exhibit dedicated to him, Pul Kanjri—an attraction associated with the Maharaja, Gobindgarh Fort, and the culturally immersive Sadda Pind, among others.

Disclaimer: The information provided is based on reports and sources and is subject to change as official announcements are made.

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