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Top 10 Best Beers in India: Most Popular Brands in 2023

Top 10 Best Beers in India with prices. The article covers the most popular beer brands in India by market share in 2023. If you love to relish the yeast-fermented beverage, check out these amazing Indian beers of 2023. The list of best beers in India includes some of the finest brands that Indians love.

List of top 10 best beers in India
List of top 10 best beers in India

A large number of people in India consume several alcoholic lagers every day. This is why some of the best beers in India are quite a name not only in the country but also across the world. Various international beer brands have tried to enter the Indian market in a bid to capture the incredibly huge beer-consuming community of the country. In fact, many men and women entrepreneurs in India have been investing in this ever-growing alcohol industry. In the coming decades, it is predicted that India will be the largest consumer in the world.

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 best beers in India. These beer brands in India have been very popular among a vast majority of the country’s youth, especially among those living in the cities.

Top 10 Best Beer Brands in India

1. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is the best beer in India
Kingfisher is certainly among the best beers in India with over 40% market share. (Unsplash)

Kingfisher is unarguably the most popular beer brand in India. Being native to India, Kingfisher Beer is also the chart-topper when it comes to the best-selling beer brands in the country. Thanks to its diverse variants and affordable price ranges, it dominates the country’s beer industry with about 41% market share. Brewed by Bangalore-based United Breweries Group. Kingfisher Beer is one of the most popular and visible Indian brands, having been the sponsor of many sports teams such as FC Goa, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Southampton F.C., etc.

Apart from India, Kingfisher Beers are available in more than 60 countries and hold a significant market share in many of them. According to 2012’s Brand Trust Report, conducted by Trust Research Advisory, it is ranked 74th among India’s most trusted brands. Among the variants of the best beer brand in India, Kingfisher Strong is the most popular. Most Indians love its sweet & malty taste that blends well with Kebab, burgers, and various other snacks, including several Indian cuisines.

Popular variants of Kingfisher Beers

  • Kingfisher Blue- 8% ABV
  • Kingfisher Strong- 8% ABV
  • Kingfisher Premium- 4.8% ABV
  • Kingfisher Ultra- 5% ABV

Country of origin: India

2. Carlsberg

Carlsberg indian beer
One of the best beers in India, Carlsberg is quite popular (Unsplash)

Carlsberg — the Danish pilsner has been one of India’s favorite beers in the last few years. The flagship beer brand of the Copenhagen-based Carlsberg Group, it has successfully established itself in the country’s vast market. One of the reasons behind its popularity is its pale lager standard with excellent taste. The multinational brewing company was founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen. Carlsberg is named after Carl Jacobsen, the son of the group’s founder. The company has various other beer brands that are quite popular in different parts of the world.

Talking about the international presence of Carlsberg Group, its brands are best-selling in several countries such as Russia, Latvia, China, etc. Despite facing a serious challenge from the home-grown Kingfisher, Carlsberg beer has emerged as one of the best beers in India when it comes to brand value. Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Gurgaon and has mainly five other operational breweries: Alwar (Rajasthan), Aurangabad (Maharashtra), Paonta Sahib (Himachal Pradesh), Kolkata (West Bengal), and Hyderabad (Telangana).

Popular variants of Carlsberg Beers

  • Carlsberg Elephant strong Malt Premium- 7% ABV
  • Carlsberg Malt Premium- 5% ABV
  • Carlsberg Classic- 7% ABV

3. Budweiser

Budweiser beer brand in India
Budweiser beer brand in India (Unsplash)

Introduced in 1876 by Carl Conrad & Co., Budweiser is famous for its unique taste and color. The North American pale lager is one of the best beers in India, especially among urban beverage lovers. The United States’ beer brand is available in over 80 countries. According to Statista, Budweiser was the world’s most valued beer brand in the year 2021, with a worth of $16.17 billion. Available in both glass bottles and cans, it has more or less retained its taste and quality since its introduction. over a century ago. Manufactured by the American brewing company Anheuser–Busch, Budweiser is a filtered beer, carrying up to 30% rice with an ideal blend of hops and barley malt.

Holding a significant percentage of the Indian beer market (about 3%), Budweiser is certainly among the most popular beer brands in the country. If you want to taste something different that sets your mood on fire, there is hardly anything better than a couple of glasses of Budweiser beer.

Alcohol percentages of Budweiser beers in different countries:

  • 5% in USA, Netherlands, Thailand, India, Canada
  • 4.9% Bottle in Australia
  • 4.5% in UK, Ireland, Australia
  • 3.6% in China

Country of origin: United States

4. Heineken

Heineken beer brand in India
Heineken beer brand in India (Unsplash)

Dutch has been a great beer-loving community and the global success of Heineken is a testament to that. Founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken in 1864, the beer company has more than 165 breweries across all continents. The budget-friendly beauty of this beer is well-liked by Indian consumers. This is one of the reasons why Heineken has become one of the best beers in India in terms of market share. It became the second-largest brewer after the merger of the two biggest brewing giants – Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller in 2016.

Headquartered in the Netherlands’ capital Amsterdam, Heineken enjoyed a global revenue of over 23 billion euros in 2019. The same year, it produced 241300000 hectolitres of beer, setting a new record. Over the years, Heineken’s products have received several awards, including the Medaille d’Or at the Columbian Exposition in Paris. The beer brand is quite popular in many former Dutch colonies such as Indonesia, Taiwan, India, etc. In various European countries, Heineken is a best-selling beer brand.

Popular variant(s) of Heineken Beer: Heineken strong larger beer – 5% ABV

Country of origin: Netherlands

5. Tuborg

Tuborg beer brand in India
Tuborg beer brand in India (Unsplash)

Tuborg is quite a voguish name when it comes to the best beers in India. Founded in 1873, the Danish brewing company is a part of the Carlsberg Group since 1970. Founded by Philip Heyman,  C. F. Tietgen, Gustav Brock, and Rudolph Puggaard, Tuborg is headquartered in Fredericia. Currently, the beer brand has a presence in over 30 countries. Some of the popular variants of Tuborg are Tuborg Green, Tuborg Lemon, Tuborg Red, Tuborg Twist, etc. In India, Tuborg Strong is arguably the most popular variety of this beer brand. If you are a fan of powerful lager, Tuborg is the one to try.

According to a survey, one in every six beer drinkers in India prefers Tuborg. It is available in both bottles and cans. A number of people enjoy the brilliant taste of it with mutton and chicken. Tuborg pilsner has been giving the taste of the 21st century to lakhs of Indians for the last many years. Plus, it has been a major sponsor for many sports teams in the world. The flower and roasted grains flavors are most liked by people.

Popular variants of Tuborg Beer

  • Tuborg Strong premium – 8 % ABV
  • Tuborg Green – 4.6 % ABV

Country of origin: Denmark

6. Simba

Simba is an Indian beer brand
Simba is an Indian beer brand quite popular among youth.

Simba is a homegrown Indian beer that has gained immense popularity in the last couple of years, especially after the COVID lockdown. The top beer in India is crafted and customised for customers who love the best choice to celebrate good moments. Simba comes in four variants — wit, stout, light and strong. Most people love the wit variant, which is known for its refreshing experience.

One of the best beers in India, Simba is tailor-made for Indians who enjoy drinking it with local spicy food. The lager is very popular in big Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. Talking about the stout variant, it is dark-coloured with the fragrance of chocolate and caramel. Simba is quite worthwhile for celebrating birthdays with friends.

Popular variant(s) of Foster’s Beer:

  • Wit
  • Stout
  • Light
  • Strong

Country of origin: India

7. Bira 91

Bira 91 beer brand in India
Bira 91 finds itself in the pool of the best beer brand in India.

Bira 91, or many in India know by the name of Boom Bira, was introduced to the Indian market in the year 2015. The way its popularity has grown tremendously in such a short span of time is really commendable. This Indian craft beer brand is manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd, which was founded by Ankur Jain. The brand got a positive response from the country’s young population and become one of the best beers in India.

Talking about the variants of the beer company, it has mainly five in its kitty – Bira 91 White, Bira 91 Blonde, Bira 91 Light, Bira 91 Strong, and The Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale. The last variant is said to be the first one to be IPA brewed and bottled in India. one of the reasons behind the rising fame of this beer brand is its quality of low bitterness wheat beer with a mild alcohol content of 4%. A great number of fitness-freak Indians also love its low-calorie lager with lunch and dinner.

Popular variant(s) of Bira91 Beer:

  • Bira 91 White 4% ABV
  • Bira 91 Blonde
  • Bira 91 Light
  • Bira 91 Strong 7% ABV
  • Bira 91 Indian Pale Ale

8. Corona Extra

Corona Extra is among the best beer brands in India
Corona Extra is among the best beer brands in India (Unsplash)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This popular saying is quite well applicable to this beer brand. Although the word ‘Corona’ is now negatively associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, this has not dented the popularity of this beer brand in India. Produced by Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo, Corona Extra is really a brand to reckon with when it comes to its image among the country’s youth. One of the best beers in India, Corona Extra is owned by the Belgian brewing company AB InBev. Apart from India, it has captured significant market share in the United States, where it is a top-selling imported beer brand.

Corona’s most popular variant Corona Extra is a pale lager and is quite a popular name worldwide. Although many don’t know about its other variants, they are also quite saleable. These are Corona Light, Corona Premier, and Corona Familiar. If you are a beer lover, you cannot miss the malty sweetness of Corona Extra. It goes well with burgers and spicy Indian meals.

Popular variant(s) of Corona Beer:

  • Corona Extra Beer – 4.5 % ABV
  • Corona Light
  • Corona Premier
  • Corona Familiar

9. Godfather

Godfather is certainly among the best beers in India
Godfather is certainly among the best beers in India

As the name suggests, Godfather is really the godfather of all Indian beers when it comes to savoring the best of lager. It is one of India’s top-selling beers and is particularly popular in the northern part of India. Godfather is known for its smooth and full-bodied flavor. The brand claims that its Super 8 variant is “India’s stronger beer with the smoothness of malt and a kick of revitalizing strength.”

If you want to enjoy the boldness of hops with a blend of golden wheat, there is nothing as amazing as the Super Strong variant of this beer brand that contains 6.5% of alcohol. Godfather finds itself in the list of the best beers in India, evident by the fact that the market share has never really faced a dent in the last few years. For diving into an incredibly refreshing retreat, this beer is an astonishing choice.

Popular variant(s) of Godfather Beer:

  • SUPER 8, 8% ABV

Country of origin: India

10. Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000 is the best beer in India
Many believe Haywards 5000 is the best beer in India (Behance)

Not all Europeans came to India for negative reasons. One of the major names to have emerged from the positively-talked-about Europeans in the Indian beer-loving community is Sir Anthony Hayward. He was one of those early birds who established a brewery in South Asia. Even after four generations, the Hayward family has close roots in India. Grandchildren of Anthony Hayward manage a restaurant in South Goa where you can have a flavor of the original Hayward 5000. Leaving the family discussion aside, for now, let’s come to the brand.

Haywards 5000 is one of the best beers in India, thanks to the people of India enjoying its strong taste. It is among the highest-alcohol-containing beer brands in India. Hayward 5000 holds its popularity mainly in central and western India. In states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, and Chattisgarh, it is a top-selling beer. It allows you to savor the grainy sweetness in a really strong flavor.

Popular variant(s) of Haywards Beer: Haywards 5000 ultra-strong beer – 7 % ABV

Country of origin: India

This is our list of the best beers in India. There are many other brands that you might like or are your favorites. Your choice might depend on what taste you like and the brand you trust. You can suggest your list of the best beers in India on our social media handles.

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