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Everything you need to know about a Block Print Kurta

In ethnic fashion landscape there are few garments which matches the grace and multi-utility of a kurta designed in Block Print. Be it for a regular festive occasion where you need a traditional ensemble or for wearing on the daily but still look modern, the Block Print Kurta does justice to both the times. It makes a great fashion statement not only when heritage style is thoughts of but worn on a casual day. Let us jump straight to the main topic, which are hand blocks kurtas coutre especially the Bagru print kurtas, from Everywhere Clothing, which have myriad pairing alternatives with all body types without losing your trendy look your way.

The Allure of Block Print Kurtas:

Block Print Kurtas – the cultural legacy of an artisanal craft – are a manifestation of the same. Any part also has each piece carefully crafted using wooden carvings or creating elaborate design resulting in unique patterns that showcase the culture and the work of the artists. The fashion element of Block Print Kurtas is that this timeless appeal makes them quite the trendiest wear also suitable for both men and women.

Bagru Print Kurta:

Bagru Block Print Kurta occupies a separate corner in the multifaceted world of block prints. It originates from Bagru – the ancient town of Rajasthan in India. The simple, yet desirable colors, shapes, and eco-friendly nature of Bagru Print are what it stands for. The Bagru Print Kurta does not only stand out as a countryside rustic outfit but also exhibits ethnic refinement for any day.

Everywhere Clothing:

Ethnic fashion is the specialty and we are everywhere and our store name is Everywhere Clothing where you can get all type of the latest fashion which includes Block Print Kurtas. Taking the hand in craftsmanship and care to details, everyone will find the Kurta set which will meet his own preference and fit him best at affordable price. From old school outfits to the contemporary fashion, here you will be able to see everyone’s choices.

Easy to Pair:

Among the rapid points that Shirt Block Prints have is that they are versatile and easy to blend. You know, whether you are a casual kind of person who likes to pair it up with jeans or you happen to prefer something more classic like churidar pants or dhotis, all the block print kurtas will just merge with your eccentricity in a second. Accessorize this ensemble appropriately by pairing it with a Kolhapuri sandals or mojaris for the full ethnic look; you can also contrast with loafers or brogues for a touch of contemporary flair.

Suitable for All Body Types:

The block print Kurtas itself are a fabled design that makes available pleasing profiles and quality fits to any source of body types. Whatever your body shape may be, a block print kurti will look stunning on you and enhance your physical characteristics that nature has given you. As we offer pieces of clothing in different sizes and types, it is not a difficulty for the customers to find the one which they fit on.

Your Style, Your Statement:

A clothing style says as much about your personality and character as it does about your quietness. With a single stitched Block Print Kutra, you shade your voice. If owning something that is a combination of a print and a color excites you, Blockprint Kurtas should definitely be your choice. If prints are not your thing, you can still have these Kurtas in subtler designs with muted tones.

Best Printed Kurta Sets:

Weaving together the Kurtas of different designs make up the Block Print Kurti sets. A perfect set of Kurta integrates a contrasting cloth for the bottom which can be either of a pant, churidar or dhoti. These Kurtas sets come with top and bottom in one color. Whether it’s a festivity, cultural occasion or everyday clothing, these sets provide full and harmonious look which are preferred by ladies. Kurta dresses are the specialties of Everywhere Clothes which employ high-grade ready magic to not only provide the wearers with distinct quality but also with trendy styles too.


The Block Print Kurta from Everywhere Clothing, with the Bagru Print Kurta in particular, stands out as a classy and versatile piece of clothing, loved not only by men and women across India, but also by people of non-Indian origins who seek ways to express their ethnic identity in a modern manner. We make everything easy for you through effortless pairing options, flattering fit for any body type, and a wide variety of Kurtas to choose from. This way you are sure to stand out with a stylish and elegant overall look with each of our ensemble.So why wait? Let Everywhere Clothing bring the world of Block Print Kurtas into your life, and you can be sure that your ethnic wardrobe will never be the same – it will be elevated to new heights of elegance and sophistication.

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