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Explore and Unwind: Exciting Day Outs in Bangalore 

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, is a vibrant metropolitan city with a perfect blend of history, culture, cuisine, and entertainment. While the city is known for its fast-paced lifestyle and information technology hub, it also offers plenty of opportunities for tourists and locals alike to take a break and explore the various experiences Bangalore has to offer. From historical sites, sprawling gardens, and amusement parks to shopping districts, there are ample options to take an exciting day out in Bangalore.

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Cubbon Park – The Green Haven

In the heart of the city lies one of the biggest and most scenic parks in Bangalore – the Cubbon Park. Spread over 300 acres, the lush green landscape is home to more than 6,000 trees and plants of 68 species. The park is decked with flowering plants, tall bamboo trees, and shady groves making it the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or family picnic. The park also houses the State Central Library, the Government Aquarium, and a toy train for kids. The sheer tranquility of the park is in stark contrast with the busy roads around it, making it a great place to unwind and find your center.

The numerous stone benches provide visitors the opportunity to sit back and immerse in the beauty around them. One can also indulge in simple pleasures – observe the chirping birds, gravel walking trails, and lush meadows while grabbing a quick bite from one of the snack vendors in the park. Cubbon Park is an oasis of nature suitable for all ages that promises a fulfilling day out.

Wonderla Amusement Park – Fun and Adventure Awaits

Are you looking for a fun day out with friends or family? Head to Wonderla Amusement Park, located 28 kms outside Bangalore. Spread across 82 acres, it is one of the biggest amusement parks in India with over 60 thrilling rides for all age groups. Get your adrenaline pumping with exciting rides like the Insanity Twister, Equinox 360° vertical drop ride, Uphill racers, and Recoil simulator. Wonderla also has specially designed kids’ rides like the kiddies free fall, mini pirate ship, and roller coaster for children to enjoy safely under supervision.

The thrill doesn’t end with land rides as Wonderla offers a variety of water rides like the Wave Pool, Rain disco, Splash Tornado, and Harake Drop. Playful diversions like the bubble pool provide a sensory experience for younger visitors. Wonderla also features live performances, laser shows, and a virtual reality show for a well-rounded entertainment experience. No wonder Wonderla has won the crown of Bangalore’s favorite amusement park so many times! Even if thrill rides are not your cup of tea, the lively carnival atmosphere is sure to rub off for a day packed with smiles.

Shopping Therapy at Commercial Street and Brigade Road

When retail therapy beckons, Commercial Street and Brigade Road in central Bangalore are the places to indulge. These shopping areas offer budget buys and high-street fashion. Commercial Street is best known for its stylish street shopping spanning over a kilometer with shops cheek by jowl. From printed tunics, and denim apparel to chunky accessories and footwear, Commercial Street caters to all kinds of shoppers. Shop for silk saris and handicraft items at Gangarams, get trendy handbags and clutches at Purse Planet, or update your wardrobe with the latest designs at Pro Look.

Bargain hard while shopping here as most shopkeepers are open to negotiating and offering good deals on bulk purchases. Once your shopping bags are full, relax your tired feet at one of the charming cafes in the area. Café Noir, Beans and Barley, and Koshy’s Restaurant are great for grabbing a hot cuppa or cold smoothie along with snacks or a proper meal.

Just 1 km away lies Brigade Road which has more high street brands and upmarket stores. Shop for luxury brands like Forest Essentials, MAC Cosmetics, Hamleys Toys, and Sephora or high street labels like Mango, Forever 21, and Zara. Chocolateria San Churros offers artisanal chocolates and desserts for when you need a break. With so many shopping and food options, Brigade Road and Commercial Street make for the ultimate retail therapy no matter your budget.

Next Generation Mega Malls – Orion and Phoenix Citadel

In addition to the popular shopping destinations of Commercial Street and Brigade Road, Bengaluru offers premium retail experiences at lavish malls like Phoenix Citadel and Orion Mall. Phoenix Citadel in Whitefield is one of the largest malls in India spanning over 3.5 million sq ft with over 300 retail, dining, and entertainment options. Indulge in an endless shopping spree while also enjoying fun attractions like a massive indoor roller coaster ride and virtual reality games under one roof. Meanwhile, Orion Mall located on Brigade Road offers high-end shopping with brands like Coach, Kate Spade, Brooks Brothers, and Tesla along with a futuristic dining plaza. The vibe and variety across stores at Orion Mall and Phoenix Citadel make them the go-to places for those looking to splurge and experience premium entertainment. Compared to the bustling old-world charm of Commercial Street, these world-class malls offer luxury shopping and amusement perfect for self-indulgence on your next Bangalore day out.

ISKCON Temple – Divine Intervention

Searching for spiritual nourishment? Make your way to the magnificent ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Temple, also known as the Hare Krishna Temple on Chord Road. With ornate architecture inspired by Kailasa Hill, Lord Krishna’s heavenly abode, the temple is a haven of tranquility amidst the concrete landscape of Bangalore. Marvel at the stunning motifs as you explore the various complexes inside. Strike the gong inauguration bell just as celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar have done previously for good luck right at the entrance. Sri Sri Radha Krishna-Chandra Deities bedecked as Lord Krishna and his consort Radha presides in the main shrine room. Attend an aarti ceremony and be immersed in the chanting of “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” hymns in a devotionally charged atmosphere. One can also admire the intricately carved stone elephants and perfectly manicured garden lined with shrubs inside the temple premises.

When tired, indulge in lip-smacking prasadam or sanctified food from the temple kitchen. End your visit at the Akshaya Patra Foundation counter to grab hot food items like puliyogare rice, curd rice and sweet Pongal. Being one of the most prominent ISKCON temples internationally, this architectural masterpiece provides a soul-stirring experience regardless of one’s faith.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens – Oasis of the East

Visiting Bangalore without spending time at the sprawling Lalbagh Botanical Gardens would be a travesty. Recognized as one of the best conservatories of India, Lalbagh was commissioned in 1760 by the legendary ruler Hyder Ali as a private garden. Later opened for public access, today Lalbagh stands tall as a lush green paradise spanning 240 acres. The garden features India’s largest collection of tropical plants with a variety of blooming flowers like roses, lotuses and Chrysanthemums. Walk along the glasshouse inspired by London’s Crystal Palace which hosts an annual flower show. Marvel at the splendid Supari trees, an expansive lawn clock, and the Lalbagh Rock that dates back to 3000 million years!

Animal lovers can spot barking deer, brown squirrels, and a myriad of bird species inside the garden. The best way is to take a guided tour of the garden to understand its rich biodiversity and history. Not only natural beauty, Lalbagh also treasures ancient landmarks like the tomb of Sultan Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan’s summer palace showcasing British and Mysore architecture. The Gardens have plenty of walking tracks where families can spend quality time appreciating nature’s bounty making it one of the top attractions in Bangalore.

Vidhana Soudha – Witness the Architectural Icon

An important landmark showcasing splendorous neo-Dravidian architecture is the Vidhana Soudha located in the heart of Bangalore city. Built in 1956, it is the largest legislative building in India housing the State Legislature and Secretariat of Karnataka. Gaze in awe at the imposing granite structure built with elements from all major stylistic variations of Dravidian architecture. The central dome of the Vidhana Soudha comprising four wings houses the Assembly Hall with 12m high ceiling and ornate chandeliers. The lighting of the building switches to a bold red to signify when either house is in session. The quadrangle also features lush lawns where one can relax and admire the beauty around.

Visit between 6:30pm – 7:30 pm on Sundays and public holidays when the building is illuminated making it a sight to behold at night. Guided tours of the Vidhana Soudha are available with prior permission where visitors can explore the interiors and the functioning. Marvel at the temple like Kannada inscriptions, intricate wooden carvings and the grand architecture that make the Vidhana Soudha an iconic landmark of Bangalore.

Foodie Delight on Food Street

No Bangalore day out is complete without indulging the taste buds to the iconic local cuisine. Make your way to South Bangalore’s Food Street near VV Puram to explore an array of lip-smacking vegetarian street food options. Whether looking to grab a quick bite or leisurely meal, Food Street has no dearth of choices. Pick from piping hot bajjis, crispy bondas, soft idlis soaked in fiery chutneys, and flavorful bisibelebath rice. For the hardcore foodie, Food Street serves traditional Kane dosas, flavor-packed set dosas, and fluffy rava idlis as part of multicourse meals. Wash it all down with sweet & tangy fruit juices, strong filter coffee or aromatic tea available at every corner. Food here is served fresh, hot and inexpensive making it a hit with college goers and young working professionals.

The informal ambiance and bang-in-the-middle location make Food Street an amazing spot to experience local flavors. Come evening when the entire area is lit up and bustling with food lovers, it makes for a satisfying food journey and a fascinating glimpse into Bangalore’s food culture.

Get Back to Nature at Bannerghatta National Park

Nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers need to look no further than the sprawling Bannerghatta National Park located 22 km south of Bangalore city. Nestled amidst hilly terrain and dense forests, this biological reserve is home to rich flora and fauna. Hop on the eco-friendly bus tours through the park where you can spot majestic Royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, leopards along sloth bears from close quarters at the Butterfly Park. Do not miss the lively elephant ride where you get to feed these gentle giants while riding on their backs. The Zoological Park with a dedicated Children’s Park makes for an exciting day where kids can learn and observe wildlife safely.

There are also opportunities for trekking to nearby hills, exploring the ancient Bannerghatta Temple as well as watching a unique butterfly documentary at the Video Zoo. Spot exotic migratory species like green bee-eaters and Paradise Flycatchers on their annual migration during the winter. Bannerghatta National Park lets you reconnect with nature through wildlife safaris, zoos, and trekking for the ultimate natural retreat.

Day Outing at Innovative Film City

Looking for some quirky entertainment? Then Innovative Film City located near Bidadi Village is a place for leisure, exploration, and fun. Touted as India’s first Entertainment, Shopping, and Sports destination, this innovative theme park spans 58 acres attracting families, corporates, and friends. Let your imagination take flight as you explore 20 unique attractions spread across various zones like Cartoon City, Kingdom Zone Dinosaurs Park, and Teddy Town. Embark on action-packed tours like the Haunted Hospital and Prison Maze for some thrills while kids can enjoy fun bubble rides.

The Film Studio zone offers a peek into film shootings through lively street performances by trained artists. Satisfy your shopping pangs at the grand Innovative Premium Shopping Arena housing over 100 retail outlets. Refuel with a wide choice of cuisine covering North Indian, South Indian, and Continental fare between all the action. With so much happening in a day, Innovative Film City guarantees a memorable time blending entertainment, retail therapy, food, and splurge-worthy selfies!

Bangalore is so much more than just a technology and business hub. This vibrant cosmopolitan has plenty of treasures waiting to be explored for memorable dayouts specially curated for locals and tourists. From admiring heritage sites, and reveling in retail therapy to appreciating nature and letting loose at amusement parks – Bangalore has something exciting for everyone.

Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Gardens allow you to take a relaxing stroll immersed in nature’s bounty right in the heart of the city. The magnificent ISKCON Temple, historically rich Vidhana Soudha, and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace offer glimpses into the city’s storied past. Shopaholics can satiate their retail therapy pangs with unlimited options at Commercial Street and Brigade Road.

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