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Gaya Third Vande Bharat Route, Stop, Timing and Ticket Price

Gaya, one of the holiest cities in India, will soon receive the third Vande Bharat Train. Check out the Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express route, stoppages, timetable and fare.

Gaya Third Vande Bharat
Gaya Third Vande Bharat

Gaya is the most visited city in Bihar because of Pind Daan. Gaya is also the most visited city in Bihar by foreigners because of Bodh Gaya. Adding more Vande Bharat trains for Gaya will increase the connectivity and the number of tourists every year. Vande Bharat train is one of the most successful trains in India, and in the last four years, more than 2 crore passengers have already travelled.

Gaya’s first Vande Bharat Express train was started between Patna and Ranchi on 27 June 2023. Gaya first Vande Bharat express travel 92 km while travelling to Patna and 287 km while travelling Ranchi. This was also the first Vande Bharat Express for Bihar and Jharkhand. The first Vande Bharat train of Gaya is doing very well, and the occupancy rate is also high. This Vande Bharat Express connects Bihar capital and Jharkhand Capital.

Gaya’s second Vande Bharat train started between Ranchi and Varanasi on 12 March 2024. The second Vande Bharat Express of Gaya travels 316 km to Ranchi and 220 km to Varanasi. This is the only Vande Bharat passing from Gaya, connecting three states: Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. This Vande Bharat train has four stoppages in Jharkhand, two stoppages in Bihar and two stoppages in Uttar Pradesh. Gaya second Vande Bharat Express is only Vande Bharat which connects Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express Route

Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express Route will cover a distance of 518 km between Darbhanga Junction in Bihar and Varanasi Junction in Uttar Pradesh. Currently the Amrit Bharat Express are running between Darbhanga and Varanasi.

Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express Stops

Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express will stop at Darbhanga Junction, Samastipur Junction, Barauni Junction, Bakhtiyarpur Junction, Patna Junction, Jehanabd, Gaya Junction, Sasaram and Varanasi Junction.

Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express Timetable

According to the sources, Gaya Third Vande Bharat Express will leave Varanasi Junction at 6 am and will reach Gaya Junction at 9 am and it will reach its final destination Darbhanga at 1 pm. The same train will leave Darbhanga at 2 pm, reach Gaya at 6 pm, and then Varanasi Junction at 9 pm.

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