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How to Crack CLAT 2023- Tips and Tricks from FIMT Faculty

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a centralized national-level entrance test for admissions to National Law Universities and private law schools in India. In this article, we are sharing How to crack CLAT 2023- tips and tricks from FIMT Faculty.

How to Crack CLAT 2023?
How to Crack CLAT 2023?

As it is said by Someone very nicely that “Education is the One thing that can’t be taken from you”. In the same context, Few of the courses and Knowledge gained by you will ever go to the bin. Just Believe in yourself, and You will be there where you want to be.

In the world of Education, There is One of the most promising institutes where you can find your journey to be started with Confidence and under the guidance of all the expert faculty. And the name of the Institute is FIMT.

FIMT – Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology (New Delhi), the student’s name and the best result are creating history. And that is the reason why CLAT is one of the most slake courses for those who want to get admission in law. Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology is offering a free-of-cost session on how to crack CLAT 2023.

So, when it comes to being an aspiring lawyer! CLAT is the first step to being there. It is also known as The Common Law Admission Test, an entrance exam conducted at a national level. FIMT offers a course to understand its value in the current market.

When is CLAT 2023 being held?

The CLAT 2023 exam will be held on December 18, 2022, in more than 80 cities across the country. You can also check the website of FIMT – Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology for more information.

How to Crack CLAT 2023?

You can find many platforms with lots of If and Buts when it comes to cracking CLAT. If you don’t want to misguide yourself and waste your time, Then FIMT is your destination. Students from all over India are coming and making their future with the best faculty. So, let’s see How to Crack CLAT 2023 with a few steps:

  • Is It Too Late for Me? Please don’t push yourself back by saying this. CLAT is not away, and instead of delving into how life has been unfair to you that it is throwing a new pattern of paper at you, take the situation head-on and try to strategize on how you can make the best of the time you have. 
  • The first step is focusing on improving your Grammar and Vocabulary.
  • Try to avoid studying all the topics in one go. Instead, explore 2-3 issues a day and revise them daily.
  • Make a habit of reading newspapers daily, preferably The Hindu.
  • In the grammar section, you will have to correct the errors in the given sentences.
  • Your grasping ability must be high. This will only improve with consistent practice.
  • The best way is to form different types of sentences from the new words learned in a day.
  • Be familiar with sentence formation and word usage.
  • Learn at least 10-12 new antonyms and synonyms a day.
  • Start practising with small passages followed by lengthy ones. 

Last-Minute CLAT Preparation Tips:

• Don’t Cram New Information

• Don’t Attempt Mock Tests

• Create a Strategy for Your CLAT Exam

• Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Subject-Wise How to Crack CLAT 2023 Last-Minute Preparation Tips

  • Legal aptitude: Make sure you do not revise anything on exam day. A day before would be great to change all the concepts you have learned.
  • English: Reading passages or books is the best way to prepare for your English section. Doing so not only relaxes your mind during stressful times but also refreshes your concepts.
  • General Knowledge: Create shortcuts you can use while solving a problem. Your CLAT exams do not require proper steps leading to the answer. Therefore, create methods that will speed up your problem-solving.
  • Logical Reasoning: To prepare for logical reasoning, it is best to go through previous revisions on the last days of your preparation.

Hence, besides taking lots of burdens, pull up your socks and get ready for the CLAT. I wish you all the best.

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