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India to Nepal Train Name, Price, Time, Route, Distance and Station

India to Nepal Train railway service is the first broad-gauge passenger rail link between the two countries where people can travel without a visa.

India to Nepal Train

The India to Nepal train service boosted the local economy by increasing the movement of religious tourists. The train is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in any country. The train between India and Nepal is helping the people to travel on less budget. The first rail service between India to Nepal was introduced in 1937 by the British. It was suspended in 2001 after the Nepal floods. The rail service between India and Nepal was started between Jayanagar in Bihar, India and Bijalpura in Nepal.

India to Nepal Train Name List

There is only one train run between India and Nepal. The same train completes two round trips every day. These 2 DEMU rakes have 2 AC coaches each apart from non-AC coaches. Konkan Rail Corporation Limited (KRCL) has supplied two sets of 1600 HP DEMU passenger rakes and two operated rail services between India and Nepal.

India to Nepal Train Station Name List

The India to Nepal railway line has eight stations. There is one station in Jaynagar, Bihar, India, one station on the India Nepal border and 6 stations in Nepal. A list of India to Nepal train stations are

  1. Jaynagar(Bihar, India)
  2. Inarwa(India Nepal Border)
  3. Khajuri(Nepal)
  4. Mahinathpu(Nepal)
  5. Baidehi (Nepal)
  6. Parwaha(Nepal)
  7. Janakpur(Nepal)
  8. Kurtha(Nepal)

India to Nepal Train Timetable

There is only one EMU train run between India and Nepal it completes two rounds every day. On the first trip, it leaves Jaynagar, Bihar, India, at 8.30am and reaches Kurtha, Nepal, at 10.30am. On its return journey, it left Kurtha, Nepal, at 10:45 am and reached Jaynaagr, Bihar, India, at 12:45. The same train made a second trip the same day. During the second trip, the train leaves Jaynagar, Bihar, India, at 3 pm and reaches Kurtha, Nepal, at 5 pm. The same train leaves Kurtha, Nepal, at 5:15 pm and reaches Jaynagaer, Bihar, India, at 7:15 pm.

India to Nepal Train Route

There is only one India to Nepal train route. India Nepal train route connects Jaynagar in Bihar, India and Kurtha in Nepal. India to Nepal train route has a total distance of 35km. Out of 35km, 3 km of railway lines in India and 32 km of railway lines in Nepal. In 3 km of railway lines in India, there is one railway station and 32 km of railway lines in Nepal, and there are 6 railway stations.

India to Nepal Train Distance

India to Nepal train distance has very short routes. The train covers a distance of only 35 km. The 35-kilometre-long railway line started commercial operation on April 3, 2022. The railway line is part of the Jaynagar-Bijalpura-Bardibas rail link, executed with grant assistance of Rs 548 crore from India.

India to Nepal Train Ticket Price

India to Nepal Train Ticket Price is Rs 450 in AC and Rs 90 in non-AC from Jaynagar, Bihar, India to Kurtha, Nepal. The minimum train ticket price from India to Nepal is Jaynagar to Inarwa is Rs 100 in AC and Rs 20 in non-AC. Similarly, the fare from Jaynagar to Mahinath Pur station is Rs 175 in AC and Rs 35 in non-AC.

How to Travel From New Delhi to Nepal by Train?

If you planning to travel from India to Nepal or New Delhi to Nepal by train, then take the train to Jaynagar from New Delhi railway station. Jaynagar is located in Bihar, and the India railway network from New Delhi connects it well. There are two trains that are frequently available from New Delhi to Jaynagar, Jaynagar Garib Rath(Train No-12436) and Swtantra S Express(Train No-12562).

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