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Know About First Female Vande Bharat Train Driver

Surekha Shankar Yadav is the first female Vande Bharat train driver. She piloted the Vande Bharat Express train between Solapur station and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) in Mumbai.

First Female Vande Bharat Train Driver

In 1988, Surekha Yadav achieved the distinction of becoming India’s first female train driver. Originally from Satara in the western Maharashtra region, Yadav’s exceptional accomplishments have earned her numerous awards at both the state and national levels.

First Female Vande Bharat Train Driver Surekha Yadav’s educational journey began at Saint Paul Convent High School, where she completed her initial schooling. Following her school years, she pursued vocational training and successfully obtained a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Government Polytechnic in Karad, Maharashtra. However, her career trajectory took a turn towards the Indian Railways, shifting her focus from higher education to her role within the railway sector.

First Female Vande Bharat Train Driver Early Life

The first Female Vande Bharat Train Driver, Surekha Yadav, embarked on her remarkable journey after being selected by the Railway Recruitment Board, Mumbai, in 1987. Her career with the Central Railway commenced as a trainee assistant driver in 1986, during which she underwent rigorous training at the Kalyan Training School for a duration of six months. Her unwavering commitment and dedication led her to secure the position of a regular assistant driver in 1989.

Expressing her gratitude, Surekha Yadav conveyed, “I extend my heartfelt thanks to the administration of Indian Railways for granting me this opportunity. I am filled with immense joy to have received this chance after 34 years of dedicated service within the Indian Railways.” Yadav shared these sentiments during an interaction with ANI.

First Female Vande Bharat Train Driver Surekha Yadav Achievement

Surekha’s unwavering commitment enabled her to master the operation of diverse train types. She took the helm of her initial local goods train, designated as L-50, where she skillfully managed engine conditions, signals, and associated responsibilities. Her relentless pursuit of excellence propelled her career progression, culminating in her achievement of becoming a proficient goods train driver by 1998. In a testament to her capabilities, she embraced the demanding position of a train driver on the Western Ghat railway line in 2010.

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