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Largest margin of victory (by runs) in Test Cricket

Discover the most dominant victories in Test cricket history! This article explores the top 10 largest margins of victory by runs, highlighting historic clashes and surprising results.

Recently, India registered their biggest win by runs in test cricket this year in Rajkot
Recently, India registered their biggest win by runs in test cricket this year in Rajkot

This table showcases the top 10 Test matches where the winning team achieved the largest victory by runs. Test cricket is known for its tight battles, so these massive margins are quite remarkable.

WinnerMarginTargetOversOppositionGroundMatch DateScorecard
England67574225.3AustraliaBrisbane30 Nov 1928Test # 176
Australia56270863.3EnglandThe Oval18 Aug 1934Test # 237
Bangladesh54666233.0AfghanistanMirpur14 Jun 2023Test # 2506
Australia53070240.2South AfricaMelbourne17 Feb 1911Test # 114
South Africa49261246.4AustraliaJohannesburg30 Mar 2018Test # 2302
Australia49156431.3PakistanPerth16 Dec 2004Test # 1726
Sri Lanka46562449.2BangladeshChattogram3 Jan 2009Test # 1905
India43455739.4EnglandRajkot15 Feb 2024Test # 2530
West Indies42555263.5EnglandManchester8 Jul 1976Test # 779
New Zealand423660106.2Sri LankaChristchurch26 Dec 2018Test # 2336
List of top 10 biggest margin of victory in test cricket(by runs)

The largest margin of victory in Test cricket history belongs to England, who defeated Australia by a staggering 675 runs in Brisbane back in 1928. This match was a true display of dominance by the English team, who skittled out the Australians for a mere 67 runs in the first innings.

Australia has also found itself on both ends of this list, with a massive 562-run victory over England in 1934 at The Oval. More recently, Bangladesh secured an impressive 546-run win against Afghanistan in 2023.

Overall, these records highlight the incredible feats that can be achieved in Test cricket. While these massive victories are rare, they serve as a reminder of the thrilling unpredictability that this format of the game can offer.

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