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Noida Pod Taxi Route, Speed, Stop, Design and Ticket Price

Noida Pod Taxi will run between Jewar Airport and Noida film city. This will be India’s first Pod Taxi service.

Noida Pod Taxi

In the last few years, Noida has developed very much. Noida has now extended to Greater Noida. The population of Noida is increasing very rapidly. Due to the high population density in Noida, Uttar Pradesh Government has started planning to Launch the Pod Taxi in Noida. Pod service is beneficial for those places where population density is high, and the number of travellers is high.

Pod taxis can also be built in small spaces, with less construction cost than Metro. Yamuna Expressway, Industrial Development Authority, has explored the route to launch India’s first pod taxi service to connect the upcoming Noida International Airport with the Noida Film City.

Noida Pod Taxi Route

The Noida Pod Taxi route will cover a distance of 15 km and connect the two most visited places in Noida, Jewar International Airport and Noida Film City. After starting at the Noida International Airport, many travellers will be on this route because it will also connect Delhi and Noida. Jewar International Airport and Noida Film City are under construction, and it will be operational in 2024.

Noida Pod Taxi Stop

Covering a distance of 15 km, Noida Pod Taxi will stop at Handicraft Park, Apparel Park, MSME Park in Sector 29, industrial units in Sector 32, Toy Park in Sector 33, Sector 21, etc. There will be 12 stations from Jewar International Airport to Noida Film City, and pod taxis will stop at all stations. This pod taxi route will also cover some industrial areas.

Noida Pod Taxi Speed

According to the sources, Noida Pod Taxi’s speed will be 45 km per hour. The pod taxi will reach its maximum speed of 45 km per hour in 5 seconds. In the future, speed can also be increased depending on infrastructure. Pod Taxi will be driverless and will run with computer-based software.

Noida Pod Taxi Seating Capacity and Frequency

Noida Pod Taxi is designed so that six people can travel in one pod simultaneously. The pod taxi is the same as the ropeway. In the ropeway cable, 6 to 10 people travel simultaneously. The frequency of Pod Taxi in Noida will be less than 30 seconds in peak time and 1 minute in regular times.

Noida Pod Taxi Ticket Price

There is no official announcement about the ticket price of Pod Taxi in Noida. According to the source, Noida Pod Taxi Ticket Price will be around 5 rupees per km. The ticket price from Jewar International Airport to Noida Film City in Pod Taxi will be about 75 Rupees.

Noida Pod Taxi Design and Cost

The pod taxi service will use small, automated, electric, and driverless cars that can carry up to six people simultaneously. The vehicles will run on a network of elevated rails like the Metro, but the size of Pod Taxi is tiny compared to the Metro. The space and cost required to build a Pod taxi are significantly less than Metro Rail. The construction cost of Noida Pod Taxi will be around Rs 811 crore.

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