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PM Modi Likely To Launch 4 Vande Bharat Trains Next Week

According to the sources, PM Modi is expected to launch the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat trains via video conferencing next week on August 15, 2023.

PM Modi to flag off four Vande Bharat trains in August 2023.
PM Modi to flag off four Vande Bharat trains in August 2023.

The upcoming launch will bring the total count of Vande Bharat Express trains in the country to 29. At present, a total of 25 Vande Bharat trains are operational, and with the addition of the new routes, the overall count of semi-high-speed trains will escalate to 29, further augmenting the rapid rail connectivity across various regions.

These newly introduced trains have the primary objective of enhancing connectivity across regions in West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, contributing to improved transportation networks and accessibility. In a relentless pursuit to enhance the Indian Railways experience, the ongoing endeavour involves the expansion of the Vande Bharat Express train network. This initiative aims to transform and elevate the quality of rail travel for passengers across the country.

PM Modi Likely To Launch 4 Vande Bharat Trains on These Routes

1. Chennai to Egmore Tirunelveli Vande Bharat Train

The Chennai to Egmore route is among the four new routes scheduled to be launched by PM Modi in August 2023, showcasing the expansion of Vande Bharat Express train services to provide enhanced connectivity and convenience for travellers.

The Chennai Tirunelveli Vande Bharat Express route covers a distance of 652 km, establishing a connection between Chennai and Tirunelveli. This train journey includes stops at various stations, including Villupuram Junction, Tiruchchirapli Junction, Madurai Junction, and Virudhunagar Junction, while travelling between Chennai and Tirunelveli.

2. Chennai Central to Vijayawada Vande Bharat Train

The newly introduced Chennai Vijayawada route is set to serve as a valuable asset for travellers and business professionals who frequently journey between these significant cities in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The Chennai to Vijayawada route is among the other four new routes scheduled to be launched by PM Modi in August 2023

The Chennai Central Vijayawada Vande Bharat Express is positioned to have a substantial impact on railway connectivity within Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Encompassing a distance of 431 km during its journey between Chennai and Vijayawada, this train service is set to contribute to enhanced travel options and improved connectivity for passengers in the region.

3. Kacheguda to Yesvantpur Vande Bharat Train

The inclusion of the Bangalore-Hyderabad route in the Vande Bharat network presents yet another expansion. This train service is poised to streamline and expedite connectivity between the two cities, thereby fostering economic growth through increased trade and tourism opportunities.

The Kacheguda Yesvantpur Vande Bharat Express train is purposefully crafted to establish a connection between the capitals of Karnataka and Telangana, namely Bengaluru and Hyderabad. This train serves as the third semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express in the state of Telangana, contributing to enhanced rail connectivity and efficient travel options.

4. Patna Howrah to Vande Bharat Train

The Patna-Howrah route signifies the introduction of the inaugural semi-high-speed train link between these two cities. The Vande Bharat train on this route is set to substantially diminish travel duration, thereby providing substantial advantages to a considerable number of commuters who travel between Patna and Howrah.

The upcoming Patna-Howrah Vande Bharat train is positioned to mark the first-ever Vande Bharat train connection between Bihar and West Bengal. Encompassing a total distance of 535 km between Patna and Howrah Junction, this train service is poised to enhance connectivity and travel convenience between the two states.

When Will PM Modi Launch Vande Bharat Train in August?

According to the sources, PM Modi is expected to be inaugurated the Vande Bharat train on August 15, 2023.

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