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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in India You Must Visit (2021)

India is home to some of the most spellbinding natural sites that attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful waterfalls in India you must visit in your lifetime.

Waterfalls are the ultimate source of mindfulness and inner peace. (Photo: Pandotrip)

India is a vast South Asian country with a diverse terrain – from the high Himalayan range to the long Indian Ocean coastline – and a history dating back to the 5th millennium. India is not just about its historical and religious monuments, but also about its natural beauty. It is filled with its sumptuous green forests, picturesque lakes, lofty mountain ranges, rustic grasslands and then there are some amazing waterfalls. Here’s the list of the top four waterfalls in India which mesmerise you with their cascading magnificence and soothing sound. 

Which are the most beautiful waterfalls in India:

  1. Chitrakote Falls (Chhattisgarh)
  2. Jog Falls (Karnataka)
  3. Dudhsagar Falls (Goa)
  4. Nohkalikai Falls (Meghalaya)
  5. Barehipani Falls (Odisha)

Chitrakote Falls (Chhattisgarh)

Chitrakote Waterfalls of Chhattisgarh is among the most beautiful waterfalls in India (Magik India)
Chitrakote Waterfalls of Chhattisgarh is among the most beautiful waterfalls in India (Photo: Magik India)

One of the most beautiful places in India to visit, the Chitrakote Falls, is located approximately 38 km from Jagdalpur, in the state of Chhattisgarh. It is the widest fall in India and holds an enormous amount of water during the monsoons, because of which it is known as the Niagara Falls of India. The beautiful cascade on the River Indravati witnesses a huge crowd of national and international visitors all around the year. On the left bank is a small Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. 

Jog Falls (Karnataka)

Jog Falls in Karnataka is a must visit for those who love calmness and serenity.
Jog Falls in Karnataka is a must visit for those who love calmness and serenity. (Photo: Adventure Buddha)

Jog Falls is the second highest waterfall in India. The falls is located near Sagara taluk, Shivamogga district in the state of Karnataka. Also known as the Gerosoppa Falls or Jogada Gundi, it is the result of four cascades- Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer, accumulating their water into one. Sharavathi River is the major source of its water. The Jog Falls is listed as the 13th most visited waterfalls in the world by the World Waterfall Database.

Dudhsagar Falls (Goa)

Goa’s Dudhsagar Falls is certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India and the world (Photo: Adventure Nation)

Dudhsagar Falls literally means an ocean of milk. The falls is among the most fascinating tourist destinations of India and the world. It is 60 km from Panaji. The captivating view of the real outlook of the falls can be witnessed by trekking and other activities. The four-tiered waterfall is sourced by Mandovi River in the mountains of Western Ghats. If you are seeking real natural lusciousness, come visit the Dudhsagar Falls, which is about 550 kms from Mumbai and just 2 hours drive from Panjim.

Nohkalikai Falls (Meghalaya)

Nohkalikai Falls sits in the lap of Meghalaya's mesmerising beauty.
Nohkalikai Falls — probably the most beautiful waterfalls in India’s northeast region, sits in the lap of Meghalaya’s mesmerising beauty. (Photo: TripAdvisor)

It is said that the real natural beauty of India can be found in the Northeastern states of the country. Nohkalikai Falls — one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, is one such example that justifies the above fact. The highest plunge waterfall in India, it is located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on earth. Unlike other falls in India, you can expect the full-flow of water here at the Nohkalikai Falls. Apart from the spectacular view of water falling from a height of 1115 ft, one can have a glimpse of the lush forests and natural vegetation in the backdrop of the falls.

Barehipani Falls (Odisha)

Barehipani Falls is among the most beautiful waterfalls in Eastern India.

The Barehipani Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in India. Located in Odisha’s Simlipal National Park, this attracts a huge number of crowds every year. With water falling from a height of 399 meters (1309 fts), Barehipani Falls is the highest waterfalls in India. From Kolkata as well as Bhubaneswar, the travelling distance to this waterfalls is about 290 kms.

If you want to catch the brightest side of nature, take these words, the breathtaking domain of India is no less than any other place in the world. The diverse nature of the country offers you everything that you wish for. Just have a visit to Incredible India and witness some of the world’s best waterfalls.

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