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These 4 Quotas Are Not Valid For Ticket Booking On Vande Bharat Train

Indian Railway offers many types of quotas for train seating booking. Any passenger can use these quotas according to eligibility, but these four quotas are not valid in ticket booking on Vande Bharat Express Train.

Ticket Booking On Vande Bharat Train

The Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train 18, is a type of train in India. It’s kind of like the Shatabdi Express and is meant for trips between cities that are not too far apart, less than 10 hours away. These trains can go fairly fast, but they can’t go super fast because of the train tracks and other things on the way. This train was designed by a group called RDSO and was built by another group called the Integral Coach Factory (ICF). They made it easy to maintain and run without costing too much. It costs about ₹115 crore to make a 16-coach Vande Bharat train.

The Vande Bharat Express started running in 2019. Before, Indian Railways cared most about safety and didn’t focus much on speed and comfort. But they started thinking about making trains that could go faster and be more comfortable, especially for trips between big cities. In 2016, they made the Gatimaan Express, which was India’s first kind of train like that.

At first, Indian Railways wanted to work with other countries to make these modern EMU trains, but that didn’t work out. So they decided to make their own. They designed the Train 18, which they later called the Vande Bharat Express. It’s got things like air conditioning, automatic doors, Wi-Fi, and stuff to keep you entertained. When they were testing it, Train 18 became the fastest EMU train in India, going as fast as 180 km/h. The first Vande Bharat Express trip was from New Delhi to Varanasi and it made the trip 15% faster.

They wanted to use Vande Bharat Express trains to replace Shatabdi Express trains. But there were some delays in making new Vande Bharat trains. Finally, in 2022, they made the second-generation trainsets and started using them. The plan is to stop using Shatabdi Express trains and use Vande Bharat trains instead. Check out the some of quotas that are not valid for ticket booking on Vande Bharat train.

List of Quotas Are Not Valid For Ticket Booking On Vande Bharat Train

1. Ladies Quota

Ladies quotas are provided while train ticket booking on Indian railway to those ladies who are travelling alone or travelling with a child less than 12 years of age. In every Sleeper Class, Second Seating Class and 3AC Class, some six seats in every coach are reserved for ladies quota. In December, the Ministry of Railways announced a ladies’ reservation quota of six berths in the 3AC class of all Rajdhani, Duronto, and fully AC trains (having 3AC class) for women passengers. Ladies quotas are not provided while ticket booking on Vande Bharat Train.

2. Lower Birth/Senior Citizen Quota

Lowest birth and senior citizen quota are not provided for ticket booking on Vande Bharat Express because Vande Bharat Train has only chair car and there is no facilities of lower birth.

3. Person With Disability Quota

The “Person with Disability (PWD) Quota” in Indian trains is a special reservation quota designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities. This quota ensures that individuals with disabilities have access to reserved seats or berths to make their train journeys more comfortable. Passengers with disabilities can book tickets under this quota and avail benefits such as priority seating and other assistance during their travel. A person with a disability quota is not available for ticket booking on Vande Bharat Express train.

4. Premium Tatkal Quota

Premium Tatkal Quota is not valid for ticket booking on Vande Bharat Express train. Premium Tatkal Quota is currently only available in limited number of trains in India.

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