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Top 5 Best Matrimonial Sites in India

It is tough to find the perfect brides and grooms for marriage in India because there are many castes, religions etc. In this blog, we will look at the top five best matchmaking matrimonial sites in India which are helpful for everyone.

Best Matrimonial Sites in India

Marriage is not an easy process because you need to search right person to spend the rest of your life with. A long time back in Indian culture, only parents had the responsibility to find a perfect partner for their children with the help of relatives, neighbours, friends etc. Now the time has to change. Everyone wants to know about the partner to whom they will marry so they can better understand each other. Based on review, popularity, membership etc., we have compiled a list of the five best matrimonial sites in India that can help you to find your perfect life partner.

List of 5 Best Matrimonial Sites in India


Mohabbatein: Best Matrimonial Site in India
Mohabbatein: Best Matrimonial Site in India

In India, marriage is not just a ceremony. It’s an age-old institution deeply embedded in its rich cultural fabric., as a platform, emerges as a guide for those earnestly seeking their life partners for marital bliss. The standout feature of Mohabbatein is its design centred around the institution of marriage. Its simple interface ensures even those less tech-savvy can use it with ease. The platform allows users to specify their search, focusing on aspects crucial for a successful marriage, be it religious values, professional background, or shared interests. This detailed approach ensures that individuals are paired with those who match their marriage goals and shared life visions.

Ensuring a safe space for this crucial search is Mohabbatein’s top priority. Our team works diligently to provide a trustworthy environment, ensuring every user’s information remains confidential, and the path to marriage is dignified and respectful.

In today’s world, forming genuine marital connections seems challenging. Mohabbatein steps in to bridge this gap. The platform emphasizes depth and sincerity, ensuring that those connected are truly compatible for marriage.

By perfectly merging tradition with today’s conveniences, Mohabbatein facilitates the journey of finding a life partner for marriage. For everyone seeking to find their marital companion, Mohabbatein awaits to guide you on this beautiful journey.

2. was launched in 1998 and this is one of the oldest matrimony sites in India. Jeevansathi’s website is designed according to Indian culture so that everyone can get the perfect match for a life partner. The headquarters for Jeevansathi is in Noida. They have a very user-friendly website. You can find profiles by Mother Tongue, Caste, Religio, City, Occupation, State, NRI, College etc. Jeevansaathi has currently more than 2,50,000 active users and a 4.1 rating on the Google play store.

3. is one of the most famous matrimonial sites in India. is one of the most famous matrimonial sites in India. began as in 1997. Its founder, Anupam Mittal, changed its name to in 1999. It has been built on one simple idea: to help people find a life partner, discover love and share joy. By 2008, it had become the world’s leading matrimonial website for Asians and had forty million users by 2021. Apart from India and other Asian countries, has a huge number of users from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Besides being one of the most visited sites in India, it boasts more than 100 physical centres in 80 cities in India.

4. Bharat Matrimony

Bharat Matrimony is one of the best matrimonial sites in India.
Bharat Matrimony is one of the best matrimonial sites in India.

BharatMatrimony is an online matrimony service and a part of It was founded in 2000 by Murugavel Janakiraman. The company has 150 offices in India, with offices in Dubai, Sri Lanka, the United States, Canada and Malaysia to cater to customers beyond India. Murugavel Janakiraman started the BharatMatrimony website while working as a software consultant for Lucent Technologies in Edison, N.J. In the late 1990s, he set up a Tamil community web portal.

BharatMatrimony has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Nokia and Android users in India. comprises a network of 18 regional portals including TamilMatrimony, KeralaMatrimony, TeluguMatrimony, BengaliMatrimony and HindiMatrimony. BharatMatrimony Android mobile app has achieved more than 10 million installs.

5. Royal Matrimonial

Royal Matrimonial is one of the top matrimonial sites in India.

Royal Matrimonial best marriage bureau in India is dedicated to helping individuals find their ideal life partners and fostering strong relationships. Utilizing advanced technology, the bureau carefully selects matches based on personal preferences and values, accommodating both traditional and modern marriage preferences. With a committed team providing personalized and confidential support, they understand the significance of marriage and strive to make the process of finding love easy and enjoyable. Royal Matrimonial’s mission is to unite hearts, creating beautiful stories of love and togetherness, ensuring that everyone discovers a loving and compatible partner. Embrace the journey of love with Royal Matrimonial now!

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