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Top 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in Bihar to Visit

If you like exploring Bihar’s beauty and don’t mind getting wet, then these five best monsoon destinations in Bihar are must-visits for you.

Monsoon Destinations in Bihar
Monsoon Destinations in Bihar for couples.

Monsoon is always the best time to explore places for many travellers because locations leave you spellbound with their beauty. The hills and mountains get carpeted with lush greenery. The waterfall becomes more beautiful, and sceneries become to make you fall in love. Monsoon is a time of the year when a cool breeze and soothing climate greet tourists and locals alike. This is indeed the season which brings one closer to the unfettered beauty of nature.

Although some avoid travelling during monsoon in Bihar because of the flood, we are sharing the list of tourist destinations in Bihar to visit during monsoon, which is not affected by the flood. With our list of spectacular monsoon destinations in Bihar, you will undoubtedly change your opinion about the glorious rainy season. All you have to do is get a bag packed for these spell-binding monsoon destinations in Bihar.

List of 5 Best Monsoon Destinations in Bihar to Visit

1. Tutla Bhawani Waterfall, Rohtas

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is one of the most famous monsoon destinations in Bihar to visit with family.
Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is one of the most famous monsoon destinations in Bihar to visit with family.

Tutula Bhawani (also Tutrahi or Titula Dham) is located nearby Tilauthu and approximately 20 Km southwest of Dehri-on-Sone. Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Bihar. During the monsoon session, the waterfall becomes more beautiful and thousand of tourist visit here every month. The falls are among the most fascinating tourist destinations of Bihar. The captivating view of the fundamental outlook of the falls can be witnessed by trekking and other activities. To seek absolute natural lusciousness, visit Tutla Bhawani Waterfall, Rohtas, in Bihar.

2. Ghora Katora Lake, Rajgir

If you are searching for Monsoon destinations in Bihar for boating, then Ghora Katora Lake is the best option.
If you are searching for Monsoon destinations in Bihar for boating, then Ghora Katora Lake is the best option.

Ghora Katora Lake is a beautiful spot in Rajgir to visit during the monsoon in Bihar. The lake’s shape resembles a horse’s, and mountains surround the lake on three sides. It is located near World Peace Pagoda. Surrounded by hills, the lake looks picturesque and makes for an ideal trip. The lake has facilities for paddle boating, a cafeteria, and guest rooms. A statue of Buddha sits in the middle of the lake. During the monsoon, the water level of Ghora Katora Lake increases, and the all-around greenery makes it the perfect place to visit.

3. Kakolat Waterfall, Nalanda

Kakolat Waterfall
Kakolat Waterfall

Kakolat Waterfall is a popular tourist destination in Nalanda. Kakolat Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bihar, is an example that justifies the above fact. During the rains, the Kakolat Waterfall flows to their full might, creating an impressive picture. Kakolat Waterfall is also a popular picnic stop in Nalanda for nearby people. This place is a perfect getaway if you do not mind getting drenched.

4. Glass Bridge, Rajgir

Glass Bridge, Rajgir

We have included the Glass Bridge in the Monsoon destination in Bihar because mountains surround it. During the monsoon, mountains get carpeted with lush greenery, giving a unique view experience. The Glass bridge reaches a height of 200 feet. Adventure seekers favour the location during the monsoon, surrounded by five hills. The bridge structure is mainly identical to China’s Hangzhou Glass Bridge. Yes, this monsoon destination in Bihar is not free of cost. You need to buy a ticket to reach Glass Bridge.

5. Barabar Pahar, Jehanabad

Barabar Pahar
Barabar Pahar

Barabar Pahar is one of the best monsoon destinations in Bihar. It offers enchanting lakes, lush greenery, and spectacular views of the ghats and hills. Barabar Pahar is Known for its dense forest cover, and it also serves as a biodiversity hotspot showcasing a wide variety of flora and fauna. Barabar Pahar is also the place to come close to mother nature. As the weather becomes favourable and relaxed during the rainy season, it is best to explore the enticing charm of Barabar Pahar.

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