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Top 5 Best NSS Colleges in Delhi NCR

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary initiative in which college students collaborate to establish a connection between their campus and the surrounding community. Check out the top five best NSS Colleges in Delhi NCR.

NSS Colleges in Delhi

When NSS Unit in College Was Started?

The National Service Scheme (NSS) in India was initiated in 1969 as a government-sponsored public service program managed by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports. Major General Jagannath Rao Bhonsle originally conceived the concept of NSS. Subsequently, it received official endorsement from the University Grants Commission under the leadership of S. Radhakrishnan, advocating the introduction of voluntary national service within educational institutions. NSS represents a voluntary alliance of young individuals, primarily college students, dedicated to fostering campus-community connections. Its primary objective is the holistic development of students’ personalities through active engagement in community service.

Aim of NSS Unit in Colleges

The program’s National Service Scheme (NSS) core objective is to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in students and to render service to society without prejudice. National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers actively strive to ensure that assistance reaches those in need, thereby improving their quality of life and enabling them to live with dignity. College student Volunteers gain valuable insights from rural communities on how to lead fulfilling lives, even in resource-scarce environments. Additionally, NSS extends support during both natural and human-made disasters by offering essential provisions such as food, clothing, and initial medical aid to the affected victims.

List of 5 Best NSS Colleges in Delhi NCR

The following list includes some of the top colleges in Delhi with NSS Unit. Following is the list of best NSS colleges in Delhi that offer many courses, you can choose the college that best suits your requirements:

1. Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology (FIMT)

NSS FIMT boasts a volunteer contingent comprising approximately 200 students hailing from diverse disciplines and courses within FIMT College. The mission of NSS volunteers is to ensure that aid reaches those in need, thereby elevating their living standards and empowering them to lead lives of dignity. Our efforts extend to rural areas, adopted villages, and schools, encompassing activities like surveys, educational initiatives, blood donation drives, environmental and economic projects, as well as health awareness programs. We also engage in collaborative partnerships with several NGOs in the Delhi vicinity to address these vital concerns.

Participation in NSS fosters individual growth among students and strengthens their collective abilities. It cultivates self-confidence, hones leadership skills, and imparts knowledge about interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, students acquire a range of practical skills that enable them to navigate various life situations more effectively. FIMT is one of the best NSS colleges in Delhi.

2. Hindu College

The National Service Scheme (NSS) at Hindu College, University of Delhi, Delhi, operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Encompassed by its motto, ‘Not Me But You,’ NSS serves as a powerful testament to the determination and vigor of our nation’s youth, committed to contributing to nation-building and community enrichment. These dedicated volunteers at NSS Hindu College take immense pride in their enthusiastic commitment and proactiveness, diligently engaging in various social service activities.

They embrace and resonate with the mission and objectives of NSS, working earnestly to create a society characterized by equal opportunities and the eradication of deprivation in all its forms. Hindu College has many NSS wings likes Education wings, Health wing, Media wing, Social entrepreneurship wing and Social Development and Outreach Wing. Hindu College NSS cell is one of the most famous NSS colleges in Delhi.

3. Gargi College

The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit at Gargi College operates as part of the central sector scheme under the purview of the Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The primary objective of the NSS Unit at Gargi College is to nurture a sense of selfless service among its volunteers while simultaneously fostering their personal development. The college’s overarching mission is to promote the idea of “Service before Self” and to ensure that equal opportunities are extended to all segments of the community.

NSS Gargi stands as one of the largest societies within Gargi College, boasting a dedicated team of over 500 student volunteers who ardently contribute to the nation-building process with great enthusiasm. Gargi College is one of the most active NSS colleges in Delhi.

4. Lady Shri Ram College

Lady Shri Ram College has embarked on a multitude of projects that address a wide array of societal challenges. These initiatives encompass diverse sectors, such as education for underprivileged children, elderly care, interventions for differently-abled individuals, collaboration with animal shelters, and support for health centers serving patients with AIDS and various forms of cancer.

Additionally, they delve into realms of social entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. Each year, a dedicated team of over 700 volunteers tirelessly dedicates their efforts to engage with and address various pressing issues of social significance. Lady Shri Ram College is one of the largest NSS colleges in Delhi with more than 700 students.

5. Ramjas College

The Ramjas College NSS unit offers students and faculty a platform for community engagement, instilling a commitment to nation-building. Our goals include honing skills for cooperative living, sharing responsibilities, promoting community mobilization, fostering leadership and democratic values, and practicing national unity and social harmony. We organize diverse activities like literacy classes, leadership workshops, and cleanliness campaigns to promote qualities such as integrity, patriotism, and fraternity. These endeavors encompass a wide spectrum of societal betterment.

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