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Top 5 Best Schools in Durgapur For Boys and Girls

Education is the essential stone that helps us to bridge gaps and achieve more. So check the top five best schools in Durgapur for boys and girls for admission.

Best Schools in Durgapur

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that students have access to good quality education from childhood. This is one of the primary reasons many parents are very particular about the School they choose for their kids. A school does not only decide the child’s educational journey; it also determines how the child will be shaped as a person. If you are looking for some good options for schools in Durgapur, then this is for you! In the recent few years, Durgapur has got a lot of good options for schools, and each of these helps students get a good base for their future.

Best Schools In Durgapur That You Should Try Out

You might be mistaken if you thought that good schools are available only in metropolitan cities. Each of the names we will mention is one of a kind, and they offer students a fantastic journey. Some of the schools that we have to say in this respect are.

1. Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School is one of the best schools in Durgapur.
Delhi Public School is one of the best schools in Durgapur.

The first name that we have to mention in this respect is none other than the very popular Delhi Public School. One of the most popular reasons this School is famous is its educational expertise and the focus on the holistic development of the students. From childhood, the students are offered a complete understanding of their personality and how they should prepare for the exams without rote learning.

Currently, the Delhi Public School, Durgapur, follows a CBSE pattern of education till class 12. It does not end here; the School is also known to have the best of state of the art infrastructure, which offers the students excellent opportunities for the future. Students will also get access to a well-equipped library, sports facilities, and potent and functional labs. The focus at DPS is to help the students develop in all aspects and not just focus on their memorization skills. Delhi Public School is one of the best boarding schools in Durgapur.

2.   Bidhan School

Bidhan School is one of the most famous schools in Durgapur.
Bidhan School is one of the most famous schools in Durgapur.

Among the schools in Durgapur, which are famous for their focus on quality education and training students with the best, Bidhan School is undoubtedly one of them. The school still follows a West Bengal Board education curriculum, and the primary focus is to help students develop right from the base. The School offers education from introductory to senior classes and is known for having the most brilliant students who establish themselves as pioneers in their fields.

Not only is the disciplined environment but Bidhan School is also top-rated for allowing students to pursue their cultural interests. If, as a parent, you are focusing on a school that is not very instrumental but pays importance in shaping your child’s future, then Bidhan School is the one. However, it can be a little tricky to secure admission to the Bidhan School because of the limited seats.

3.   DAV Model School

DAV Model School is one of the top schools in Durgapur.
DAV Model School is one of the top schools in Durgapur.

The DAV Model School in Durgapur is another promising educational institution currently focusing on the CBSE pattern. One of the most popular things about this educational institution is the legacy that they have shared since its inception. DAV Model School focuses on education quality and ensures they have the best faculty on board to train the students. A unique thing the School has adopted is to help the students inculcate a sense of moral value.

Along with proper education, students can have holistic development and focus on other aspects of life like extracurricular activities and sports. The parents are kept updated about the student’s progress; if there is a need, students will also receive special attention from the teacher.

4.   St. Xavier’s School

St. Xavier's School is one of the well-known schools in Durgapur.
St. Xavier’s School is one of the well-known schools in Durgapur.

The St. Xavier’s School, Durgapur, is one of the current top institutions. It is known for its legacy of quality education and brilliant students passing out yearly. The School has got an affiliation with the ISC Board of Education. St. Xavier’s School is known for its emphasis on discipline, ethics, and overall personality development. It has well-qualified faculty members who create a conducive learning environment for students.

A good thing about St. Xavier’s School in Durgapur is its focus on the students’ quality development. Children will be able to learn sports and even develop themselves in extracurricular activities like art, music and dance. The School arranges for special classes if there is a need for some students left behind in the curriculum.

5.   Durgapur Public School

Durgapur Public School is one of the most popular CBSE-affiliated schools in Durgapur.
Durgapur Public School is one of the most popular CBSE-affiliated schools in Durgapur.

And finally, when we are talking about the top 5 best schools in Durgapur, we must mention Durgapur Public School. Students can get education from the nursery classes till class 12. One of the most promising things about the School is its comprehensive curriculum, which focuses on the student’s all-round development.

The Durgapur Public School also has a lot of good teachers, and they have been highly accredited for their teaching expertise. The notice for admission and the form is released online by the school website, and you can fill it in. After that, the student and the parents are called for an interview, and based on that, the ultimate merit list is published. The School provides modern facilities, including laboratories, a library, sports facilities, and a spacious campus.

The fee structure for each School is different and varies from one School to the other depending on the infrastructure and the curriculum. If you want to know more about the fee structure of the schools, the best thing to do is visit the school website, which has official information on the same. Admission to the School is entirely based on merit.

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