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Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Jehanabad, Bihar

Jehanabad is a trendy district in India for massacres and Jailbreaks, but apart from this, there are many beautiful tourist places in Jehanabad which tourists less explore.

Tourist Places in Jehanabad

Jehanabad came into existence on 1 August 1986. It is surrounded by Patna in the north, Arwal in the west, Nalanda in the east and Gaya in the south. The district of Jehanabad has a specific place in the history of India. The description is found in the famous book “Aine-e-Akbari”. The district’s economy is agriculture Based, and this area has no presence of any Industry. Paddy, wheat and maize are the main crops. Despite limited infrastructure and facilities, you should visit many tourist places in Jehanabad with family and friends.

List of 5 Best Tourist Places in Jehanabad

1. Barabar Caves

Barabar Caves Jehanabad, Bihar, India.
Barabar Caves Jehanabad, Bihar, India.

Barabar Caves is one of the most famous tourist places in Jehanabad because it is India’s oldest surviving rock-cut caves. The Barabar caves were built in Maurya Empire (322–185 BCE) and some with Ashokan inscriptions. The caves were used by ascetics from the Ajivika sect founded by Makkhali Gosala, a contemporary of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Most caves at Barabar consist of two chambers carved entirely out of granite, with a highly polished internal surface.

2. Hulasganj Math

Hulasganj Math is the best tourist places in Jehanabad to visit with family.
Hulasganj Math is the best tourist places in Jehanabad to visit with family.

Hulasganj Math is a famous place for its Sanskrit College all over India. Students from all over India come here to get a Sanskrit education. The best thing about this college is that food and lodging are free for all students. Hulasganj is a famous pilgrimage place for Hindus, especially Vaishnav Communities. There are a lot of temples established by Swami Ji Shree Swami Parankushacharya.

3. Barabar Pahar

Barabar Pahar is one of the most romantic tourist places in Jehanabab.
Barabar Pahar is one of the most romantic tourist places in Jehanabad.

Barabar Pahar is also known as Barabar Hill. Barabar Pahar is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Jehanabad. The view from the top of Barabar Pahar is fantastic. The best thing about Barabar Pahar is that you can visit here annually. The best time to visit Barabar Pahar is monsoon because this time, all around hills become green and give incredible views. To reach the top of Barabar Pahar, you need to do trekking around 1.5 km to 2 km, which takes around 30 minutes. There are no entry fees to visit Barabar Hill.

4. Lomas Rishi cave

Lomas Rishi Cave
Lomas Rishi Cave

The Lomas Rishi Cave, also called the Grotto of Lomas Rishi, is one of the artificial Barabar Caves in the Barabar and Nagarjuna hills. This rock-cut cave was carved out as a sanctuary. It was built during the Ashokan period of the Maurya Empire in the 3rd century BC. Lomas Rishi Cave is a rectangular hall measuring 9.86×5.18m, which functions as an assembly hall. The interior surfaces of the chambers are very finely finished. Being a rare historical site today, this has become an international tourist destination and attracts many foreign tourists yearly.

5. Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple

Night view of Siddheshwarnath Temple way.
Night view of Siddheshwarnath Temple way.

Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple is the most popular tourist place in Jehanabad for Hindu pilgrims. During the holy Sawan month, thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple daily. Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple is located on top of Barabar Pahar. There are two ways to reach Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple; the first has stairs, and the second has a hills road. It takes around 30 min to 40 min to get to the Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple walking. The Bihar government is now making a ropeway to reach Baba Siddheshwarnath Temple, which will help pilgrims to get to the temple in just a few minutes.

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