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Top 5 Most Expensive Schools in Patna 2024

Education is becoming increasingly expensive. Today, we will discuss the five most expensive schools in Patna.

Expensive Schools in Patna

Education is the key to success, and parents who want the best for their kids always search for the best schools for their children. The fees of international schools are comparatively high as compared to other schools because they offer quality education with other top-notch facilities. These schools offer excellent facilities and a curriculum recognized worldwide. In cities like Patna, where a limited number of schools are available with all the facilities, parents are ready to invest a lot in their children’s education. Picking the right best school is very important for parents who want the best learning opportunities for their kids.

Sending your children to an expensive school has many benefits. These schools usually have great facilities like modern classrooms, sports complexes, and science labs. They offer high-quality education with a curriculum recognized worldwide, preparing students for global opportunities. Experienced and well-qualified teachers provide personalized attention. There are plenty of extracurricular activities and advanced programs that help with overall development.

Children also get to network with peers from different backgrounds, which can be valuable in the future. Despite the high costs, many parents believe this investment helps secure a successful and well-rounded future for their children. There are many partners nowadays taking loans for their child school fees. Many expensive schools in Patna have higher yearly fees than the college fees.

Let’s look at the top five most expensive schools in Patna. Even though these schools charge very high fees, many parents believe it’s a smart investment for their children’s future success.

List of 5 Most Expensive Schools in Patna 2024

1. Loyola High School

The first name in the list of most expensive schools in Patna is Loyola High School. Loyola High School is a private, Roman Catholic, co-educational high school located in Kurji, Patna, Bihar, India. Established in 1969, it is managed by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel. The school uses English as the medium of instruction. Notable alumni include Ravish Kumar, a well-known TV anchor, writer, journalist, and media personality.

2. Delhi Public School

The Delhi Public School in Patna is renowned for its world-class infrastructure and international curriculum. It is the most expensive international school in Patna, topping the list for quality and prestige.

3. Notre Dame Academy

The Notre Dame Academy in Patliputra is a well-known name in the Patna education scene. It is famous for its modern teaching methods and focus on overall development. The high fees reflect its dedication to providing top-quality education. The school infrastructure includes classrooms, a chapel, a small auditorium, Julie Hall, sports facilities, IT labs, science labs, a maths lab, a language lab, and a library.

4. Baldwin Academy

Baldwin Academy in Patna holds the reputation of being the most expensive schools in Patna. Known for its top-notch facilities, advanced curriculum, and experienced faculty, it offers a premium educational experience. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and extensive sports facilities, Baldwin Academy ensures a holistic development for its students. The school prioritizes academic excellence, character building, and extracurricular participation. Despite the high fees, many parents consider it worthwhile.

5. St. Michael’s High School

The fifth name on the list of most expensive schools in Patna is St. Michael’s High School. It is also known as SMHS, is a private, Roman Catholic, co-educational high school in Digha Patna. Established for 54 years, its excellent physical infrastructure has earned it a top spot among Patna schools. The school boasts Smart Classrooms, a large swimming pool, computer labs, science labs, a library, and a parent portal. It has received numerous awards, including the Promotion of Literacy, Environment Consciousness, and Patna Beautification Awards.

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