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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

People often wonder which is the world’s most dangerous road. Here, in this article, we have compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the world. Experience the thrill of these roads and enjoy life to the fullest.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the world

Not every road trip involves cruising down a monotonous stretch of highway. Although some people enjoy the serenity of the broad, unchanging road, others like their road journeys with a side of excitement. The latter pool of people look for the most dangerous roads in the world to live every moment of life.

Some of you will likely be relieved that you’ve never needed to attempt to travel these dangerous roads, while others will probably add them to their list of locations to visit and experiences they must have in the future.

Do you choose peaceful, simple-to-navigate highways that pose little to no problems? Or do you enjoy driving on insane, dangerous highways where every inch puts peril in your path?

Here is the list of the most ominous, hazardous, and fatal roads you can travel. We have compiled this for those who enjoy extreme excitement in their lives.

10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

1. Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland

Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland
Iceland’s Route 622 is among the most thrilling roads in the world. (dedication photography)

The 13-mile Route 622 offers breathtaking views of the Drafjördur and Arnarfjördur fjords and the Northwestern Icelandic coastline. One of the most dangerous roads in the world, the Svalvogar Road, which connects Thingeyri and Lokinhamrar over a region vulnerable to avalanches, severe snowfall, strong winds, and landslides, is precariously carved beneath towering cliffs. Be prepared for dirt roads, drop-offs, and the uneven surface of a rocky, narrow trail. It will be easier to navigate some obstacles if you have a 4×4 with high ground clearance, but be cautious not to take this road for granted. The path is closed from November to April because of the terrible conditions.

2. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Taiwan's Taroko Gorge Road Dangerous
Road carved in the rocks, Taroko gorge, Taroko National Park, Hualien county, Taiwan (Westend61)

Taroko means magnificent and superb’ in the native Truku tribe’s language – terms designed for the sights of the national park, not your driving experience. The gorge route is a series of tunnels dug into a mountain along the ‘Taiwanese Grand Canyon,’ connecting the country’s east and west coasts via abrupt turns, tight passageways, and blind curves. When a bus couldn’t climb a hill on the road in 2012, the driver and 13 tourists were fortunate to escape unharmed. The people inside their car were hurt when it rolled backwards, struck one of the few obstacles, and went down a slope.

3. Austrian Road, Kazakhstan

Austrian Road in Kazakhstan is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. (Kazakhstan.travel)

A route between Kazakhstan and Austria? Think again. The Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war who built this 37-mile road between 1915 and 1917 are honoured by the road’s name. The route in Eastern Kazakhstan leads motorists from the 990-meter-high Bukhtarma Valley to the 2,137-meter-high Burkhatskiy Pass. The rocky path, carved out with picks and shovels, meanders through a park and provides breathtaking views of the Kara-Koba River. But be careful not to stare out the window for too long; deteriorating bridges frequently render the trip impassable. To avoid potentially fatal landslides, which have been known to occur with little to no warning, make cautious to check the weather forecast before you attempt a drive if all crossings are still intact.

4. The North Yungas Highway, Bolivia

The North Yungas Highway, Bolivia Death Road
Bolivia’s North Yungas Highway is counted among the world’s scariest roads (Discovery)

The “Death Road” in Bolivia has a moniker for a reason. The single-lane dirt road, considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world, hangs onto the rock face the entire way down, threatening to throw motorcyclists over the cliff if they become slightly disoriented. Additionally, the danger is real. On the 11,000-foot plunge from the Andes to the jungle, some 300 motorists and bicycles perish every year by flying off the road.

5. The Guoliang Tunnel, China

Guoliang Tunnel, China
The Guoliang Tunnel in China is known for its thrilling experiences with enormous adrenaline rush. (China Discovery)

A small group of villagers manually excavated the Guoliang Tunnel into China’s Taihang Mountains more than 40 years ago. The approximately 4,000-foot tunnel, barely wide enough to be driven through, was constructed over five years. Its moniker, “the road that does not tolerate mistakes,” is accurate. Daring drivers can peek out of thirty windows out at the most dangerous roads in China, which frequently has no obstacles.

6. Engineer Pass, USA

Engineer Pass is among the most dangerous roads in the world. (soajeep.com)

The Rockies, a mountainous region in Colorado, are where Engineers Pass, which is 3,901 meters (12,800 feet) above sea level, is located. Dodging patches of ice along the way seems easy compared to avoiding frequent avalanches, significant snowfall, and landslides. Tragically, a biker lost his life earlier this year after falling from the picturesque path. Although many of us long for an American road trip, this one is only advised if you have a small 4-wheel drive vehicle and the expertise and concentration required by this dangerous path.

7. Zoji La Pass, India

Zoji La Pass dangerous roads india
Zoji La Pass is probably the most dangerous roads in India (TourMyIndia)

A one-lane path that follows some of the tallest mountains in the world connects the residents of Ladakh with the Kashmir Valley. The 3,528 meters (11,575 feet) high Zoji La Pass is called Zozila Pass in the Himalayas. The Border Roads Organization in the area needs up to two months to clear Zoji La, which is frequently buried in snow that can be anywhere from 15 to 24 meters deep. The necessity to rescue 350 people who were stuck on the road in 2009 due to excessive snowfall was unavoidable despite clearing efforts on this one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Even worse, in 2012, 11 tourists perished after their car slid over the barrier-free pass and into a narrow canyon.

8. Skipper’s Canyon Road, New Zealand

Skipper's Canyon Road, New Zealand
Skipper’s Canyon is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. (NZ Herald)

The late 19th-century miners excavated the crooked, barrier-free gravel road, which is so tiny that you could get into problems if you come face to face with another vehicle. Due to its extreme risk, drivers need special authorisation to use Skipper’s Canyon Road. If they discover that you have driven the vehicle, the insurance for the rental won’t be fulfilled.

9. Fairy Meadows Road, POK

Fairy Meadows Dangerous Road in Pakistan
Fairy Meadows Road is the gem of Kashmir travel experience. (Sajmash)

If you’ve been paying attention up to this point, you may have realised that there are no guardrails on Fairy Meadows Road, which is 10 miles long and rises to a height of 3,300 meters (10,826 feet) above sea level. The road in Pakistan-occopied Kashmir wasn’t maintained after it was dug out by natives hundreds of years ago. It begins at the Karakoram Highway and goes directly to the Tato settlement. This dangerous trail, which is only a 4×4 width throughout six punishings, and uneven kilometres, has taken many lives. The Fairy Meadows toll is raising funds to fund future resurfacing work, but for now, it remains one of the wildest and most dangerous roads in the world.

10. The Dalton Highway, Alaska

The Dalton Highway in Alaska is generally capped with snow. (Kamran On Bike)

The terrifying Dalton Highway in Alaska travels 400 kilometres through wilderness, crossing the Yukon River and distant forests and tundras. The 240-mile stretch of this route devoid of any gas stations, eateries, hotels, or other essential facilities makes it one of the most dangerous roads in the world to travel alone. The road also has numerous signs alerting drivers to avalanches and steep gradients.

Hope you like this list of the scariest and most dangerous roads in the world. It is of course not a complete compilation and you can add a few if you have visited other routs with wilder experiences.

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