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Top 5 Virat Kohli Best Friends

Virat Kohli best friends are some of those cricketers who have been close to the great batsman. Let’s know about some of the closest pals of Virat Kohli in cricket.

Star Indian cricketer Virat Kohli is one of the most followed cricketers across the globe with 237 million followers on Instagram. Just like every human, he also has some set of people with whom he shares good and bad moments of life. Those are Virat Kohli best friends. Although he is very aggressive in the field but also very humble away from the pitch. His fans are always eager to know about his personal life and friends. Have you ever thought who all are on VK’s friends’ list?

Top 5 Virat Kohli Best Friends:

1. MS Dhoni

Virat Kohli best friend is MS Dhoni
Virat Kohli best friend is MS Dhoni

The star Indian cricketer revealed that MSD was the only person who texted him just after his announcement of stepping down from India’s test captain. Recently in a podcast hosted by RCB (Royal Challengers Banglore), he talked about the text that he received from MS Dhoni and that was a reality check for him.

He also quoted that “that message from captain cool helped me in coming out of my dark phase when performance was not up to the mark. The only person who approached me was MS and that was a big blessing to know that I could have such a strong bond and relationship with someone who is so senior to me”. It is a friendship based on a lot of mutual respect he said. He also said people forget to ask how are you when you are expecting to be strong. And it hit home to me and it was like this is it.

He also considered himself lucky to be mentored by Dhoni in his starting carrier as both player and the captain of the Indian cricket team. His friendship with MS has flourished over the year.

2. AB DeVillers

Is ABD Virat Kohli best friend?
Is ABD Virat Kohli best friend?

Mr 360 and Virat Kohli have shared a long and valuable bond with each other both in and out of the field. They both admire each other. However, players who are among the top cricketers generally share a competitive nature of bonding but these two guys have given a unique friendship goal.

Anyone who follows cricket must be aware of the Bond shared by these two top-class players. ABD has played for a lot of time for RCB whereas Kohli is still playing, Both these players are considered as Jai -Viru of IPL. Virat and ABD have openly confessed about their friendship bond and often share some sweet memories on the field and pictures on Instagram. ABD is one of Virat Kohli best friends.

3. Chris Gayle

Gayle is one of Virat Kohli best friend, seen sharing some good times on the field.
Gayle is one of Virat Kohli best friend, seen sharing some good times on the field.

Other former RCBians share a very good friendship with each other. They have shared some amazing knocks with each other and outplayed opponents single-handedly. Although Gayle left RCB they are still known to be excellent friends off the pitch. During the IPL their friendship has flourished at a new level. They are often seen dancing on and off the field on several occasions. They are always seen greeting each other in a different and unique manner.

4. Shikhar Dhawan

Virat Kohli best friend, Shikhar Dhawan after scoring a century
Virat Kohli best friend, Shikhar Dhawan after scoring a century

Being Delhi boys they have shared their friendship for quite a long time now. Recently in Arun Jaitely stadium Dhawan recently revealed his friendship with Virat Kohli and said “Virat Kohli is a very good friend of mine. We have always shared and enjoyed healthy banter. He is a senior player now in the Indian team and I can pull his legs that young players can’t.

He is a big player and has already achieved lots of heights and despite that, he is very grounded to earth with juniors. “Age or ego pe leloge to tussle ho jaegi,” on being asked about his seniority when they both played for Delhi If I continue to think I am senior and I played under him. Then ego will take over and affect our friendship and my performance as well”. The relationship and bond they share are enough to consider Gabbar to be one of Virat Kohli best friend. The Indian team is playing the third test against Australia in Holkkar stadium in Indore Madhya Pradesh.

5. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Sing one of Virat Kohli best friend dancing together at a party.
Yuvraj Sing one of Virat Kohli best friend dancing together at a party.

Recently the former Indian captain came up with a response to Yuvraj Singh’s warm and heartfelt letter, in which he praised Kohli for his contribution to the Indian cricket team. The former captain responded with a special thank you note from his Twitter account and praised his sweet gesture. He also praised his inspirational journey and comeback after cancer. They both shared the IPL platform for 1 year and played for RCB where their friendship grew even more.

They both have been often seen sharing a dance stage together. Virat shared this tweet “ Yuvi Pa thank you for this lovely gesture. Your comeback from cancer will always be an inspiration for people in all walks of life not just cricket. You have always been generous and caring for people around you.I wish you all the happiness,God bless @YUVSTRONG12. Rab rakha”.

Another Virat Kohli best friend

Gautam Gambhir is another Delhi boy on the list of Virat Kohli best friend.
Gautam Gambhir is another Delhi boy on the list of Virat Kohli best friend.

Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli pulled everyone’s attention in IPL 2013 where they both had a verbal duel during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gauti said “both me and Koli are very aggressive individuals who are passionate to win games.

Mine characteristics are similar to Kohli and we both share a common goal of giving our best for the team and cricket irrespective of which team we play”. Gautam Gambhir also shared his man of the match award with Virat Kohli after scoring a century against Sri Lanka.

When you are competing against an opposition with that quality of cricket for that you have to be aggressive. As a leader, everyone wants to play a team with an approach that he persists and aggressiveness poses.

“ Even if we have a difference of opinion there is nothing wrong with it. We both have the same ambition which is to make our country proud and try to win each and every game as possible and try to contribute to the team’s success. There is nothing personal about it. Gambhir got his test spot back over Shikhar Dhawan under the captaincy of Kohli, this tells Gambhir has become one of Virat Kohli best friend in the past couple of years.

“This is what professional people do. We are pretty good friends on and off the field”. He told to NDTV.

Virat Kohli best innings with his special friend

We have discussed the best friends of Virat Kohli in cricket now let’s give a close look at Virat Kohli’s best innings and partnership with his teammates

Virat during India Pakistan match in 2012
Virat during India Pakistan match in 2012

Virat Kohli has historically performed against India’s arch-rivals Pakistan in all formats of cricket whenever it was required. The best inning he played in his carrier against Pakistan was when he scored his highest ODI score in 2012, chasing a gigantic target of 330 which was very crucial for team India in Asia Cup 2012.

Virat came out to bat in the very first over after India lost Gautam Gambhir for a zero in the very first over. Virat joined Master Blaster on the other end to carve one of his best innings for the country and construct the chase. Virat has always said that Sachin is his cricketing idol and guru. He always accepted the fact, that he started his cricketing carrier by watching Sachin play and he is so lucky that now he is sharing the biggest platform with him. In terms of records and centuries, Sachin Tendulkar can be considered Virat Kohli best friend because best friends always try to copy each other’s style.

In that inning Virat smashed the PAK bowlers all over the park, hitting 22 fours and just one six resulting in India’s win and making a mockery of a huge target with 13 balls to spare. Kohli was dismissed on 183 of 148 balls and joined the highest score of M.S dhoni of 183 not out against Sri Lanka in 2005 at Jaipur. India beat Pakistan in that match by 6 wickets. I hope you know got a clear idea of Virat Kohli Best friend and learned something new about your favorite cricketer.

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