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Why Kerala Has The Most Successful Vande Bharat in India

25 pair of Vande Bharat Express trains are operational in 24 state and Union Territories in India. Check out why Kerala has the most successful Vande Bharat Express Train in India.

Most Successful Vande Bharat

Kerala’s first Vande Bharat Express, which is also known as Kerala Vande Bharat, Kasaragod Thiruvananthapuram Vande Bharat and Thiruvananthapuram Kasaragod Vande Bharat, is the most successful Vande Bharat Express train in India. Kasaragod Thiruvananthapuram Vande Bharat Express train in Kerala runs with the highest occupancy rate of 185% after its commercial inauguration on 26 April 2023.

These 5 Things Make Kerala Vande Bharat The Most Successful Vande Bharat Train

1. Number of Stops:

Kerala Vande Bharat has 9 stops within the 586 km which is the highest number of stoppages as compared to other Vande Bharat Express in India. The number of stoppages helps the train to get maximum booking which increases the occupancy rate of the train.

2. High Speed:

Kerala Vande Bharat Express has higher speed as compared to other trains between Thiruvananthapuram and Kasaragod, which helps the passenger in time-saving. Kasaragod Thiruvananthapuram Vande Bharat Express is 3 hours faster than the fastest train between Kasaragod and Thiruvananthapuram.

3. Connects Many Tourist Places

There are many tourist places in Kerala which are helping Kasaragod Thiruvananthapuram Vande Bharat Express train to become the most successful Vande Bharat train in India. Tourists are now taking rides on Kerala Vande Bharat because they can save their time for the tour.

4. Time-Saving

Before starting the Vande Bharat Express between Kasaragod and Thiruvananthapuram, the fastest train was Garib Rath which took 11 hours and 35 minutes to complete its journey between Kasaragod and Thiruvananthapuram while Vande Bharat took only 8 hours. Now travellers are saving 3 hours each time while travelling between Kasaragod and Thiruvananthapuram.

5. Day Travel Option

Kerala Vande Bharat provides the day travel option, which helps passengers to travel to another city in the day and finish their work and return to their hometowns the same day. So, for example, A person living in Trivandrum can travel to Ernakulam in the morning, finish their work in the daytime and return to Trivandrum in the evening.

How To Check The Most Successful Vande Bharat Express Train

The Most Successful Vande Bharat is calculated based on the train occupant rate. Train Occupancy rate is calculated by the total number of passengers travelling in a train on a particular route, including those getting off and boarding it at stoppages stations between Sources and the final destination station. So, for example, if a train travelling from Patna to Delhi has three stops at A, B and C stations. If a person boards at Patna and get off at station A, and another passenger board at station A at the same seat for Delhi, then it will be counted as 2 passengers have travelled between Patna and Delhi on the same seat. This will increase the train occupancy rate.

Top 5 Most Successful Vande Bharat With Highest Occupancy

  1. Kasaragod to Trivandrum Vande Bharat Express Train – 185% Occupancy
  2. Trivandrum to Kasaragod Vande Bharat Express Train – 180% Occupancy
  3. Gandhinagar to Mumbai Central Vande Bharat Express Train – 136% Occupancy
  4. Mumbai Central to Gandhinagar Vande Bharat Express Train – 135% Occupancy
  5. Varanasi to New Delhi Vande Bharat Express Train – 130% Occupancy

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