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Arif Naqvi Family, Daughter, Wife, Net Worth & Imran Khan Cricket Scandal

Let’s know about Arif Naqvi family and various other facts about him. We will also know about Arif Naqvi Imran Khan controversy going on in Pakistan. Let’s explore his net worth and wife name.

Arif Naqvi family and net worth
Arif Naqvi family and net worth

Arif Masood Naqvi is a Pakistani businessman, who is better known as the founder of The Abraaj Group and Aman Foundation. He also served as the chief executive of these two organisations. Founded in 2002, The Abraaj Group had operations in different parts of the world, including Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Arif Naqvi has been a controversial figure in Pakistan as well as in the United States for his funds misappropriation.

Arif Naqvi Imran Khan Controversy

Arif Naqvi Imran Khan controversy in Pakistan
Arif Naqvi Imran Khan controversy in Pakistan

Lately, the Arif Naqvi Imran Khan controversy has been in the news because of alleged fraud by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief. As per various news reports, Wootton Cricket received $1.3 million from Abraaj Investment Management Ltd on March 14, 2013. Imran Khan’s party bank account in Pakistan received the money on the same day.

The case is currently under the watch of the Pakistan Election Commission, which is currently probing the Arif Naqvi Imran Khan link. In April 2013, Wootton Cricket reportedly got $2 million from Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al-Nahyan (a UAE minister). The scandal gets even more cluttered when it was revealed that the minister is also the chief of Pakistan’s Bank Alfalah.

Arif Naqvi Family

Arif Naqvi was born in Karachi on 13 July 1960. He belongs to a rich business family in Pakistan. His father was the owner of a small plastics manufacturing company in the country. Arif’s early education was completed at Karachi Grammar School. However, he attended the London School of Economics (LSE) in England for higher education.

– Arif Naqvi Wife Name

Arif Naqvi Wife Name
Arif Naqvi Wife Name

The wife of Pakistani businessman Arif Naqvi is Fayeeza Naqvi. She is the co-founder and Chairman of the Aman Foundation. Fayeeza is known for her interest in humanitarian issues and helping poor people to help them improve their financial conditions. She has played a significant role in bettering the socioeconomic of Pakistan in the last couple of decades.

– Arif Naqvi Daughter Name

Although lots of people are searching for Arif Naqvi daughter name, the fact is he doesn’t have one. He has one son, named Ahsan Naqvi, who is also a business. He also has a substantial share in Aman Foundation and Abraaj Group.

Arif Naqvi Net worth is huge
Arif Naqvi family Net worth is huge

Arif Naqvi Net Worth

According to several reports, Arif Naqvi is among the richest people in Pakistan. He enjoys substantial political backing, ensuring his net worth doesn’t get affected. You can think about his mighty empire by knowing that he was fined $135.6 million in January 2022. He has earned a lot of money by manipulating the public trust and the political situation in the country.

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