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20 Best Islamic Quotes in English from Quran

Quran is close to every Muslim’s heart. Here are the 20 best Islamic quotes from Quran about life, success, faith, and love.

best Islamic quotes in English
List of the best Islamic quotes in English from the Holy Quran

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, with around 1.8 billion followers all around the world. The word Islam means submission (to God). The religion revolves around the teachings of the Holy Quran that covers the Islamic way of life. The religious text of the Quran is considered by Muslims to be the direct word of Allah. After Quran, the secondary documented account Muslims follow is Hadith which collects the teachings and practices of Muhammad (sunnah).

Islamic people try to find inspiration from the Quran and from various religious gurus who hold incredible knowledge of the Quran and other texts. This is why we see millions of people searching for Islamic quotes on Google and various search engines. Many of them put these quotes on their social media status and stories. In this article, we provide you with the 20 best Islamic quotes in English from Quran. These quotes are about lifestyle, karma, and behavior.

20 Best Islamic Quotes in English from Quran

1. “Say, (O Muhammad): ‘I seek refuge in the Manager of daybreak, from the evil of whatever He has created, and from the evil of the night when it grows dark, and from the evil of [witches casting spells by] blowing on knots, and from the evil of the envier when they’re jealous.'”

Allah is the creator
Allah is the creator of this world, sun, and moon

2. “To Allah (God) is your return, all of you, and He will inform you of what you used to do.”

3. “When My servant asks you [O Muhammad] about Me, indeed I am near. I Respond to the call of every caller when they call upon Me. So let them also respond to Me and believe in Me, so they may be guided.”

4. Quran is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah – Baqarah Ayat 2

5. “Wherever you may be, death will overtake you, even if you should be within towers of lofty construction.”

6. “….so whenever guidance comes to you from Me, then whoever follows my guidance, then there will neither be any fear on them nor will they grieve.” Ayat 38

Taj Mahal Islamic quotes
People belong to Allah to whom everyone will return

7. “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return” Ayat 156

8. “O humanity! Be mindful of your Lord Who created you from a single soul, and from it He created its mate, and through both, He spread countless men and women. And be mindful of God—in Whose Name you appeal to one another—and honor family ties. Surely God is Ever Watchful over you.”

9. God is sufficient for me. There is no deity worthy of worship except Him. In Him, I put my trust. And He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.”

10. “And whoever holds firmly to Allah (God) has (indeed) been guided to a straight path.”

11. “Say, (O Muhammad): ‘He is God—One, United; God—the Fulfiller of all your needs. He has no offspring, nor was He born. And there is none comparable to Him.”

12. “Allah is with those who have patience.” 

13. And it is He who created the night and day, and the sun and moon.” 

14. “Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path.”

Jama Masjid Quotes Muslims
Allah is everybody’s lord and the only creator, believe Muslims

15. “Your ally is none but Allah and [therefore] His Messenger and those who have believed – those who establish prayer and give zakah, and they bow [in worship].” 

16. “And it is He who created the night and day, and the sun and moon.”

17. “And He found you lost and guided [you]. And He found you poor and made [you] self-sufficient.” 

18. “Indeed God showers His blessings upon the Prophet [Muhammad], and His angels pray for him. O you who believe! Invoke God’s blessings on him [Prophet Muhammad] and salute him with worthy greetings of peace.” 

19. “And those who have believed and done righteous deeds – We will surely assign to them Paradise [elevated] chambers beneath which rivers flow, wherein they abide eternally. Excellent is the reward of the [righteous] workers.” 

Islamic Quotes in English for Life

Islam or any other religion teaches three things — love, peace, and humanity. The holy Quran, followed by all Muslims is the eternal source of their inspiration. If you want to learn what the holy text says about life, these are some of the best Islamic quotes in English about life and humanity. Follow these and you will see a change of heart in your life.

Quran quotes in English
Quran is the holiest book for Muslims who draw inspiration from this holy text

“Worldly life is short, so turn to Allah (God) before you return to Allah (the Creator).”

“Guide Us To The Straight Path” – Surah Fatiha Ayat 6 

“Shahada (Profession of Faith), Salat (Prayer), Zakat (Alms), Sawm (Fasting), and Hajj (Pilgrimage) are the five pillars of Islam and every Muslim should follow them.”

“The more you let go, the higher you rise.” 

“The eternal principle of Islam is love for humanity as professed by Allah.”

“No one will reap except what they sow.”

“Reflection is the lamp of the heart. If it departs, the heart will have no light.” ― Imam Al-Haddad

“Allah is with the doers of good.”

“Believe in yourself, have patience, and then only Allah will believe you and will come to your rescue.”

“I do regard Islam to be a religion of peace in the same sense as Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism are.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Hope you must have liked these beautiful Islamic quotes that are used by Muslims and Islamic gurus around the world. These words from the Quran are very important for every Muslim and are a great way to lead one’s life. Those who follow the words of Allah are destined to lead healthy and prosperous life.

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