Tuesday, July 16

Bizarre Discovery: Hospital in Punjab’s Moga Extracts Earphones, Rakhis, Lockets, and More from Man’s Stomach

In a truly astonishing medical case, doctors at Medicity Hospital in Moga, Punjab, were left astounded when they uncovered a startling assortment of objects within the stomach of a 40-year-old patient. The shocking discovery occurred during a surgical procedure on Thursday.

The patient had been admitted to the hospital complaining of a high fever and excruciating stomach pain, which had plagued him for over two days, accompanied by bouts of nausea. As conventional treatments proved ineffective in alleviating his discomfort, the medical team opted for an X-ray scan to probe the source of his agony. The results of the scan left everyone stunned.

Within the X-ray images, the medical team identified an array of metallic objects embedded within the man’s stomach. The subsequent surgical intervention lasted three grueling hours, during which doctors successfully extracted nearly a hundred items from his body. The peculiar assortment included earphones, washers, nuts and bolts, wires, rakhis (traditional Indian bracelets), lockets, buttons, wrappers, and even a safety pin.

Dr. Ajmer Kalra, the hospital’s director, expressed his astonishment, stating that this was the first instance of such a case he had encountered during his medical career. The patient had been grappling with stomach issues for a prolonged period of two years. Despite the successful removal of the items, his condition remained precarious. The objects had been inside his stomach for an extended period, leading to various other health complications.

The patient’s family expressed their shock and confusion at the findings, asserting that they were unaware of when and why he had ingested these objects. His parents had no inkling of how he managed to consume such a diverse range of items. They disclosed that he had been grappling with mental health issues.

The family had sought medical help for his stomach pain before but had not received a conclusive diagnosis. They recounted how he had complained of persistent abdominal discomfort and sleepless nights in the days leading up to his hospitalization.

This peculiar medical case serves as a stark reminder of the enigmatic and complex nature of mental health disorders and the various ways they can manifest in individuals. The patient’s road to recovery remains uncertain as he continues to receive medical attention and care at Medicity Hospital in Moga.

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