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Check Why False Fire Alarm Rang in Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat

A false fire alarm rang in the Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat Express train because a ticketless passenger lit a cigarette in the toilet while travelling from Tirupati to Secunderabad.

Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat

According to an official statement from South Central Railway (SCR) Zone’s Vijayawada Division, an unauthorized passenger boarded the train at Tirupati and locked himself in the toilet of the C-13 coach. Subsequently, the passenger smoked inside the toilet, triggering the automatic activation of an aerosol fire extinguisher within the toilet compartment. This incident was reported as an unfortunate occurrence aboard the train.

Railway Police personnel promptly responded to the situation by utilizing a fire extinguisher and breaking the window pane of the toilet. Upon entering, they discovered the passenger responsible for the incident. The individual’s actions had caused the train to come to a stop, prompting the initiation of a comprehensive rescue operation. The individual was apprehended and detained at Nellore for appropriate follow-up actions. After the situation was resolved, the train resumed its journey as planned.

How False Fire Alarm Rang in Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat

A passenger, lacking a valid ticket, managed to board the train and subsequently locked himself inside a toilet. While attempting to travel without payment, an unexpected turn of events occurred. Unaware of the presence of fire alarms within the flagship train, the passenger proceeded to smoke a cigarette in the toilet. The activation of the alarms immediately ensued, triggering an automatic fire extinguisher mechanism that dispensed aerosol throughout the compartment. This incident highlighted the importance of safety measures and demonstrated the consequences of unauthorized actions within the train.

What Happen After False Fire Alarm Rang in Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat

After a false fire alarm rang in Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat due to a passenger smoking cigarette, railway police detained the individual at Nellore in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Act. The appropriate actions were taken to address the situation and ensure compliance with regulations. Subsequently, the train was able to resume its journey after the necessary procedures were carried out. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to railway rules and regulations to ensure the safety and smooth operation of train services.

Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat Train Timetable

Train No.20702 will leave Tirupati at 3.15 p.m. and arrive at Secunderabad at 11.30 p.m. Tirupati Secunderabad Vande Bharat Express takes only 8 hours and 15 minutes to complete its journey.

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