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Checkout Route, Timing And Stop Of 35th Vande Bharat Inugrated By PM Modi

After waiting almost 3 months, PM Narendra Modi has inaugurated the 35th Vande Bharat Express Train in India, connecting Varanasi and New Delhi.

35th Vande Bharat, Inugrated By PM Modi, will be orange in colour.
35th Vande Bharat, Inugrated By PM Modi, will be orange in colour.

The primary objective of the Vande Bharat Express is to reduce travel time between cities, providing passengers with a fast and comfortable journey. Representing a significant advancement for Indian Railways, this contemporary semi-high-speed train excels in design, interiors, and speed, ensuring a delightful travel experience for passengers. The train’s superior features contribute to making it a notable leap forward in the realm of rail transportation in India.

With a focus on efficiency and passenger satisfaction, the Vande Bharat Express reflects the commitment to modernize and enhance the railway experience, offering travelers a blend of speed and comfort for a more enjoyable and efficient journey between destinations.

The Northern Railway mentioned that the train has really good things for passengers. There’s Wi-Fi entertainment, a system that gives information using GPS, nice interiors, toilets that are clean and touch-free, soft LED lights, and charging points under each seat. Also, there are special lights for reading with touch controls, and the windows have blinds that you can roll up or down. All these features are there to make the journey more enjoyable and convenient for everyone on the train.

35th Vande Bharat Express Route

35th Vande Bharat Express train route will connect the spiritual city of Varanasi, Prayagraj, Kanpur and the capital, New Delhi. This new train route service will be especially helpful for people going on pilgrimages to Prayagraj and for professionals travelling between the busy city of New Delhi and the industrial hub of Kanpur.

35th Vande Bharat Express Timetable

The 35th Vande Bharat train will start its journey from Varanasi at 6:00 AM, reaching Prayagraj at 07:34 AM, Kanpur Central at 09:30 AM, and New Delhi at 2:05 PM. For the return trip, the train will depart from New Delhi at 3:00 PM, arrive at Kanpur Central at 7:12 PM, Prayagraj at 9:15 PM, and complete its journey in Varanasi at 11:00 PM.

35th Vande Bharat Express Stop List

35th Vande Bharat Express will only stop at Prayagraj and Kanpur between Varanasi and New Delhi. This train will cover a distance of 760 km with an average speed of 95 km/h.

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