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Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Likely To Start Before Sawan

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Train will be the first to connect directly with Deoghar and Varanasi. Check out the route, stop, ticket price and timetable.

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat

Deoghar, located in Jharkhand, is famous for the Baidyanath Temple, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas, which are sacred places for Lord Shiva. This temple attracts millions of devotees, especially during the month of Sawan, when the Shravani Mela is held. Varanasi, situated in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the oldest and holiest cities in the world. It is known for its deep spiritual significance. The city is famous for the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the numerous ghats along the Ganges River, where pilgrims perform rituals and take holy dips.

Deoghar is also known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery. Attractions include Nandan Pahar, Trikut Hill, and Tapovan Caves. The town is popular for both its religious significance and natural beauty. Varanasi is a hub of learning and culture, famous for its classical music, traditional silk weaving, and rich literary heritage. The city’s narrow lanes, lively markets, and historic temples provide a unique cultural experience.

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Route

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Route will cover a distance of 451 km between Deoghar and Varanasi. This Vande Bharat express train will connect three Indian states: Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. Currently, there is no direct train between Deoghar and Varanasi. The people who have to travel from Deoghar to Varanasi must travel first to Patna and then take another train from Patna to Varanasi, which takes around 12 hours to cover a distance of 451 km.

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Stoppages

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express will stop at Kiul Junction, Nawada, Gaya Junction, Sasaram Junction, and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Junction between Jasidih Junction and Varanasi.

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Timetable

According to reports, the train will depart from Varanasi at 6 am and arrive in Jasidih Junction at 1 pm. The same train will then leave Jasidih Junction at 2 pm and reach Varanasi around 9 pm. The journey takes about 7 hours each way.

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price

Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat ticket prices will be around 1365 rupees for a single journey in AC Chair Car class and 2415 rupees for Exec. Chair Car (EC).

When Will Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express Start?

According to the sources, Deoghar Varanasi Vande Bharat Express will be starting before the Sawan month of 2024 so that Hindu pilgrim can easily travel between Deoghar and Varanasi.

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