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Does Kiss Burn Calories? 5 Amazing Benefits of Kissing

Apart from being one of the best feelings in the world, kissing is considered a great healthful activity. In this article, we will discuss whether kissing burns calories or not. Also, know how many calories burn in one kiss.

Kissing burns calories
Does kiss burn calories? Know the truth

Kissing is undoubtedly great for a healthy relationship. It is about showing love, compassion, warmth, etc. Kissing is one of the best feelings in the world. This feeling can be described as amazing, astonishing, phenomenon, and whatever adjectives you want to add. Besides bringing you into a blissful state, kissing is associated with plenty of health benefits, among which calories burning is the most popular.

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Does Kiss Burn Calories?

passionate kiss young couple
Sex and kiss burn calories in large amounts, claims many doctors

Yes, kissing does burn calories. Kissing involves higher oxygen consumption, which is directly associated with calorie exhaustion. The more passionate the kiss is, the better are the chances of calorie burning. According to a 2013 report on philematology published in the American Journal of Medicine, American cardiologist Professor Joseph S. Alpert pens that one minute of a simple kiss can burn 2-3 calories, whereas a passionate kiss can burn up to 5-26 calories per minute.

How does Kiss Burn Calories?

Many people don’t believe this but there are scientific reasons why kissing burns calories. What happens during the process is the body requires more oxygen to compensate for the energy requirement. The oxygen consumption results in calorie expenditure from the body and thus releasing a significant amount of fats. This is why a number of people consider kissing good for a healthy and fit body. It is not just about sexual feelings and passion but also about fitness.

Amazing couple kissing
How does a kiss burn calories? Know the fact behind this. (Spencer Davis/Unsplash)

How Many Calories Burn in Kissing?

On average, most doctors and scientists believed that a casual kiss can burn 2-3 calories. However, it changes with the intensity of the kissing. For example, while making out, the oxygen consumption in the body is relatively high. Thus, more amount of calories will be exhausted.

Several couples have reported that their kiss burns calories as high as running. This is because they take kissing as an exercise and have made it a part of their healthy life. A couple from Mumbai suggests not to get stuck while kissing, rather keep the body in movement while changing places.

kissing while lovemaking
Kissing is an important part of lovemaking (MBG)

5 Benefits of Kissing

Kissing is undoubtedly one of the finest feelings in the world. We have already discussed that apart from being an amazing exercise for a healthy relationship, kissing is good for the body’s health. Let’s discuss 5 incredible benefits of kissing:

1. Reduces Stress

Kissing has been a great stress-reducer. According to doctors, kissing releases oxytocin, which plays a significant role in taking your stress out and fills you with calmness. You must have realised that a kiss from your partner during moments of crisis is enough for making you feel delighted.

2. Kissing is a Happiness Booster

Those who engage in kissing regularly are more likely to remain happy forever. If you want to be happy in life, enjoy the feeling of kissing someone. The experience of kissing is way more amazing than it looks watching on screen. Whenever you are sad, a mere kiss from your loved one will rejuvenate you from beneath.

Does kiss burn calories?
Benefits of kissing your partner (menshealth)

3. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

One of the most important scientific benefits of kissing is that it helps one maintain blood pressure. While a kiss burns calories, it also increases the heartbeat. The heartbeat increment is good for reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. It also helps in scattering the blood to all parts of the body.

4. Helps in Fighting Cavities

Kissing releases more saliva in the mouth while keeping a check on teeth-decay-causing acids and bacteria. The better your teeth are the happier your life will be. Thus, it is suggested by many doctors that you keep kissing your partner for a long. This will help you fight many health problems.

5. Strengthens Love & Devotion

While we have discussed almost all health benefits of kissing, we should not forget how important this is for one’s relationship and love life. Kiss is the supplement of sex. Without proper kissing, your lovemaking is incomplete. In fact, kissing is even more important than intercourse. It brings a delightful emotion to one’s life that is of immense significance in a relationship.

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