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Use These 7 Tricks To Get Confirm Train Ticket From Patna To Delhi

Getting a confirmed train ticket from Patna to Delhi is challenging every time after the festival. We share seven tricks for getting a confirm train ticket from Patna to Delhi after the festival.

Tricks To Get Confirm Train Ticket

During the busy Diwali and Chhath Puja festivals, Indian Railways receives many train ticket bookings. To help people get confirmed tickets, they can use the Quick Tatkal app, which works with Railofy. This app is authorized to make Tatkal ticket bookings faster. It does things like filling in your details for you. This makes it easier to book tickets, especially when many travel during these festivals. It’s a helpful way to get your train tickets without hassle. Check out some important tricks to get confirm train ticket from Patna to Delhi after Diwali and Chaat Puja.

Use These Tricks To Get Confirm Train Ticket From Patna To Delhi

1. Always Book From Sources and Destination Station

If you are looking for a confirmed train ticket from Patna to Delhi, always try booking a ticket from the train source station and destination. For example, if you want to travel from Patna to Delhi and the source station is Howrah, then try to book a ticket from Howrah station and choose the boarding station as Patna then there is a high possibility that you will get a confirmed train ticket. There is always a huge number of tickets reserved for source stations.

2. Choose Premium Tatkal Option

Choosing a premium train Tatkal option is costly, but the chance of getting a confirmed train ticket is very high. The premium Tatkal option is always open one day before the train departure from the source station. However, premium Tatkal options are only available in a limited number of trains, so check the IRCTC website before booking. Sampoorna Kranti Super Fast Express is the best option to try for the premium Tatkal option to get confirm train ticket from Patna to Delhi.

3. Try Booking in Premium Trains

Booking train ticket on premium trains are quite expensive than normal train, but the chances of getting confirm train ticket is also very high. Try to book tickets for Rajdhani Express, Duranto Express and Humsafar Express. Rajdhani 3 AC train ticket price is almost double as compared to other express trains, but chances are very high to get a confirm train ticket.

4. Plan Your Tour in Advance

To ensure a confirmed train ticket, it’s wise to plan your trip well ahead of time. Advance planning significantly boosts the chances of securing a ticket and minimizes the risk of ending up on a waiting list or dealing with last-minute booking issues.

5. Always Check After Chart Prepared

Many quotas are available for train ticket booking, so many times, all quotas are not used, so after the train final chart is prepared, the seat remains vacant. You can only learn about these vacant seats just 4 hours before the train departs from the stations because the train final chart is prepared 4 hours before train departure.

6. Choose the Quota

Different kinds of special reservations are available for train tickets, like ones for ladies, seniors, people with disabilities, duty passes, Tatkal, and premium Tatkal. These special reservations are designed to make train travel more accessible and convenient for various types of passengers. Before choosing any quota,, make sure you are eligible for that quota.

7. Use Station Quota

Every train has a station quota, so many times, station quota helps to get confirm train ticket from Patna to Delhi. For example, if you are searching for a train ticket from Patna to Delhi on Rajdhani Express and it shows that confirmed tickets are unavailable, try to use the station quota. Search ticket from Patna to Kanpur and then Kanpur to Delhi in the same train. Then, there is a chance that you will get confirmed train ticket. Again in this process, train tickets will become more expensive than regular train tickets.

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