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How to Plan a Trip from Mcleodganj to Triund Trek

Triund is a beautiful short trekking trail (10 km only). In this 10km distance, you can cover the first 2km by car till Dharamkot. Triund trek is the best trekking trail for beginners.

Triund top view.
Triund top view.

We all dream of exploring places, and nowadays, we can fulfil our dreams due to technological advancements. You can do trekking with a little bit of preparation. But you must be cautious about a few things you can face during your journey. Trekking is a tough job you need to work out before planning for trekking. It’s a physical activity which requires stamina and determination. Triund is a small and beautiful hill station in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The average Triund height is 2,828 m(9,350 ft).

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Triund Trek Distance

Triund trek distances vary from 8 to 10 km depending on starting point.
Triund trek distances vary from 8 to 10 km depending on starting point.

The total Triund trek distance is 10km from McLeod Ganj central city. Beginners and first-time trekkers can take taxi rides for the first 2km till Dharamkot so that that distance will reduce to 8km only. The entire Triund Trek Distance from Dharamkot is 8km, and it can be covered in around 3 to 5 hours, depending on the mountaineer.

Triund Camping

View of Triund camping during summer time.
View of Triund camping during summer time.

Triund camping is one of the best parts of Triund Trekking. Every year more than a thousand travellers visit here for trekking. Apart from the monsoon and winter session, Triund can be seen yearly. During the winter time from Mid December to Mid February, it gets closed due to high snowfall. The best time to visit Triund is summertime from 1 April to 30 June. Night camping at the top of Triund under the starry welkin will be the best experience one can ever have. The view around is breathtaking.

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Here are a few steps to be considered while Triund Trek:-

  • Carry a Support: – The trek is easy till two km from the commencing point. At 2 km, there is a halt for the trekkers to have refreshments. From there, the road starts becoming steep. So hold on to stick as it will help you go through the steep roads surrounded by pine trees. And even it allows you to climb on the rocks when it rains as it gets moist and slippery. 
  • Suitable time for Trekking: – If you want to see the clear blue sky by sitting on the green grass carpet, then August-September will be the apt month for trekking. If you want to see snowfalls in the mountains, plan for December- January.
  • Pack Your Sustenance: – During the trek, you will rarely find food stalls example, there will be Maggi point, Scenic View etc.  And the food will be too much expensive. For example, a single plate Maggi will cost you Around 100 bucks which is five times more costly than the usual Maggi we have in our city; a cup of tea will cost you 50 bucks. So, the best thing would be to carry your nourishment from Mcleodganj itself. Carry 2-3 water bottles. Keep energy drinks, ORS, chocolates etc.
  • Clothes to carry: – Put some warm clothes as the temperature is cool at the top. Put on activewear for trekking. Carry raincoats made up of thin polythene to protect you from rain. You can carry an umbrella as well.
  • For interim stay: – Book a tent on top of Mcleodganj itself. They will provide you with food and sleeping bags for an overnight stay.
  • Small but important things: – Put soaps, wet tissue paper, extra cloth, towel, Bluetooth speakers, power bank etc.

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