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Radhika Apte Reveals that Bollywood asks her to get “B**B Jobs and Nose Surgery.”

During a recent interview, Radhika Apte revealed the dark secrets of Bollywood. Radhika Apte disclosed that I was getting rejected multiple times in Bollywood because another actress had Bigger Breasts and Bigger Lips.

Radhika Apte was born in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, on 7 September 1985. Apte’s first film with a small role was Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! in 2005. Apart from Bollywood and Hindi films, she has appeared in a few Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, and English-language films. Apte’s first lead role was in the 2009 Bengali social drama, Antaheen. In Bollywood, her first movie with leading roles was Phobia and Parched. She has won the best actress award for Parched at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. She is also the winner of Best Actress in an International Narrative Feature Film for her role in the Madly in Tribeca Film Festival Award.

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The actress has been controversial due to her multiple projects in the last few years, but nothing has stopped her from giving 100% in her role. After working on a long 17-year career, the beautiful actress has divulged that she was recently spurned because the other actress has bigger breasts and bigger lips.

Radhika Apte told mid-day, “I recently got rejected because the other actor had bigger lips and bigger breasts. I was told, ‘She looks sexier and sells more. It was a good film being made by people whom I respect. You look up to [certain people] and think, ‘They won’t be into this. But they also [have such a mindset]. Hopefully, the more women we have in [positions of power], the more things will change.”

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Radhika is working on the Vikram Vedha Hindi remake starring Hrithik Rohan and Saif Ali Khan, which will be released on 30 September 2022. Her new film Forensic is scheduled to release on ZEE5 in June 2022. It also features Rohit Saraf and Yogita Bihani in essential parts.

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