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Hyderabad’s ‘MBA Limbu Pani Wala’ Joins the Entrepreneurial Tribe

MBA graduate Mohammad Arif Hussain of Hyderabad chose to open a Lemonade stall instead of joining a corporate firm. MBA Limbu Pani Wala of Hyderabad is directed toward the entrepreneurial culture of India.

MBA Limbu Pani Wala of Hyderabad Arif
MBA graduate Arif chose to open a Lemonade stall instead of joining a corporate firm. (Photo: Anand Dharmana)

GT Desk Hyderabad: When most of MBA graduates look for corporate jobs, Mohammad Arif Hussain of Hyderabad has chosen to set up a roadside lemonade stall. There is hardly any doubt that he could have easily got a corporate job in an air-conditioned office. However, he had some other plans and is showing his MBA talent by being an entrepreneur.

Arif started ‘MBA Limbu Pani Wala’ — that’s what he calls his business that was started in February 2021. Carrying out the entrepreneurship culture of the city, he aims to build a successful business on his own terms and talent. According to the 26-year-old, “I wanted to do something on my own. And I found a gap in the lemonade businesses in the city. We indeed have many lemon soda stalls, but how many of them are using clean water and are hygienic?”

One can sense the reaction of his parents when he came up with the idea of starting a lemonade business. His neighbors and relatives discouraged the idea of starting this so-called small-level business after completing his MBA. However, he was adamant about using his business administration skills in the new business.

The best thing about Arif’s stall is that he only uses mineral water and makes sure that the area is clean and hygienic, at all times. He is always smiling and good at interacting with customers. Three forms of lemonades are served at the MBA Limbu Pani Wala – soda nimbu pani, plain nimbu pani, and dry ice nimbu pain in in sweet, sour, and masala flavors. Mocktails are also available at his stall.

The trend of entrepreneurship in India is on rising with many small and medium businesses coming up with new ideas and doing something out of the box. Many of them get easy investments from people and firms looking to promote the entrepreneurial culture in the country.

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