Tuesday, May 21

Indian Railways to Launch International Train Services Connecting India and Bhutan for Tourism Boost

Indian Railways announces plans for international train services connecting India and Bhutan to boost tourism. The route from Assam aims to enhance travel and ties between the nations, with a focus on expanding entry points for tourists.

Indian Railway to connect India and Bhutan
Indian Railways to connect India and Bhutan.

Indian Railways is gearing up to introduce international train services connecting India and Bhutan, aimed at fortifying tourism ties between the neighboring nations. The new train route will operate from Assam in India and is anticipated to bolster travel and engagement between the two countries. Addressing the evolving developments, India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, highlighted Bhutan’s keen interest in facilitating greater access for tourists.

According to a report by ANI, Dr S Jaishankar stated, “We are actively engaged in discussions regarding the proposed Rail link between Bhutan and Assam. Bhutan is displaying enthusiastic interest in expanding entry points for tourists, a development that holds significant benefits for Assam.”

Strengthening Connectivity with Neighbors

Simultaneously, Dr Jaishankar revealed India’s broader efforts to enhance connectivity with neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. He also emphasized the substantial advancements made in border infrastructure over the past nine years, including the regions along the China-India frontier.

Earlier, Bhutan Live had reported the successful completion of the survey for the railway link construction between India and Bhutan in April 2023. This forthcoming railway line will interlink Bhutan’s Gelephu with India’s Assam, specifically Kokrajar. Anticipated for completion by 2026, the construction of this 57-kilometer railway link is set to be financed by the Indian government. Notably, the operation of trains along this route will be overseen by the Northeastern Frontier (NF) Railways.

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