Friday, June 14

Netizens Demand Action: “Arrest Abhisar Sharma” Trends Amid Newsclick Controversy

Amid allegations of Chinese funding to Leftist portal Newsclick, netizens demand transparency and accountability, urging authorities to investigate journalist Abhisar Sharma’s alleged involvement. Outrage grows over potential foreign influence and demand for Arrest Abhisar Sharma.

Arrest Abhisar Sharma on Twitter

In the midst of the Newsclick controversy surrounding alleged Chinese funding, social media has erupted with calls to “Arrest Abhisar Sharma.” The platform has been accused of Leftist propaganda and receiving foreign support. Netizens express outrage and skepticism, urging authorities to probe the matter.

The controversy gained momentum after a recent New York Times report suggested Chinese funding to the Left-leaning portal. This revelation has sparked widespread debate, with political and social circles expressing concern over potential foreign interference in Indian media.

The report drew sharp criticism from BJP Minister Nishikant Dubey, who raised questions about the portal’s integrity and its role in shaping public opinion. However, the focus has now shifted to journalist Abhisar Sharma, associated with Newsclick.

Netizens have taken to various social media platforms, demanding transparency, accountability, and even urging authorities to take action against Sharma and others allegedly involved in the controversy. The trending hashtag, “Arrest Abhisar Sharma,” reflects the sentiment of those demanding a thorough investigation into the matter.

While opinions remain divided, the controversy has ignited discussions about media ethics, foreign funding, and journalistic integrity. As the nation watches closely, the call for clarity and truth intensifies, with netizens and stakeholders alike awaiting concrete answers.

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