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Patna Gaya Vande Metro Route, Speed, Timing and Ticket Price

The Railway Minister of India, Ashwini Vaishnaw, has announced that Vande Metro manufacturing work is at full speed. Check out the Patna Gaya Vande Metro route, speed, timing and ticket price in this article.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro

Vande Metro is a dream project for Indian Railways. Vande Metro will run a short distance of around 100 km, connecting the two famous cities nearby. The space can be 80 km and goes up to 120 km also. The Vande Metro speed will go up to 130 km/h. Indian Railway is designed in a way Vande Metro so that its weight should be less so it can carry more passengers and reach the maximum speed in a few seconds.

The Mainline Electric Multiple Unit(MEMU) train is the best regional rail connectivity between two big cities, covering 90 to 130 km. The average speed of MEMU trains is 110 km/h, but Vande Metro’s speed will be 130 km/h. Vande Metro will become a better option than the existing MEMU train.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro Route

According to the sources, Patna Gaya Vande Metro will be the first Vande Metro for Bihar. Gaya Patna Vande Metro will cover the distance of 92 km between Patna Junction and Gaya Junction. Patna Gaya Vande Metro will not stop at a slight halt. It will only stop at the station to maintain speed and cover the distance between Patna and Gaya in less time.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro Stop

As per the media reports, Patna to Gaya Vande Metro will stop at Punpun, Taregna, Jehanabad, Makhdumpur and Bela between Patna and Gaya. The number of stoppages will be less in Vande metro than in Mainline Electric Multiple Unit(MEMU) trains. The final list of back-ups maybe gets changed by Indian Railway after the train trial run.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro Speed

The highest speed of Patna Gaya Vande Metro will be 130 km/h. Currently, the highest rate of MEMU Express between Patna and Gaya is 100km/hr. Patna Gaya Vande Metro will take around 1 hour and 40 minutes. The MEMU Express between Patna and Gaya take an average of 3 hours to complete the journey of 92 km between Patna and Gaya.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro Timetable

In the first phase of the trail run, one Patna Gaya Vande Metro will leave Patna Junction at 6 am and reach Gaya Junction at 7:40 am. The same train will depart Gaya at 8 am and reach Patna at 9:40 am. The same train will complete three rounds of trips in a single day.

Patna Gaya Vande Metro Ticket Price

Vande Metro train will be a fully air-conditioned train. All coaches will be air-conditioned and come to the mobile and laptop charging facilities. According to the sources, the ticket price for Patna Gaya Vande Metro will be 300 rupees for an AC chair car and 100 rupees will be for a standard AC coach.

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