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Patna to Deoghar Flight Timetable, Distance and Ticket Price

Everyone is excited in Bihar and Jharkhand because soon, there will be a direct flight from Patna to Deoghar. The Patna to Deoghar flight will operate four days a week (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Patna to Deoghar Flight
Patna to Deoghar Flight

Deoghar is one of the most religious places in Jharkhand. Every year lakhs of people travel from Patna to Deoghar. Anyone planning a trip from Bihar’s Patna to Deoghar in Jharkhand can take a direct flight and save time. According to the reports, the leading carrier in the country, Indigo, will operate the flight between Patna and Deoghar.

After starting the Patna to Deoghar Flight now, Bihar is connected with two airports in Jharkhand. There will be only one flight will fly from Patna to Deoghar. According to Indigo officials, the flight service will be available only four days a week. Passengers can take flights from Patna to Deoghar on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other flight option available to travel from Bihar to Jharkhand is via Ranchi airport.

Patna to Deoghar Flight Timetable

Deoghar Airport
Deoghar Airport

As per the details shared by Indigo Airlines, it said that flight 6E-7944 would leave Deoghar Airport at 11:15 am and reach Jayprakash Narayan Airport, Patna airport, at 12.15 pm. Flight 6E-7945 will depart from Jayprakash Narayan Airport, Patna, at 12.35 pm and reach Deoghar airport by 1:35 pm. On this route, the airline will fly an ATR-72 aircraft that can easily carry over 80 passengers in one go. A one-way journey will only take one hour.

Patna to Deoghar Flight Distance

The distance between Patna and Deoghar by road is 260 km. It takes around 7 to 8 hours to travel from Patna to Deoghar by road, bus or car. Train travel takes about 8 to 9 hours from Patna to Deoghar. After starting the direct flight from Patna to Deoghar, travel time has decreased to 1 hour. Patna to Deoghar flight distance is just one hour.

Patna to Deoghar Flight Ticket Price

Deoghar to Patna Flight Ticket Price

According to a representative of IndiGo, the Patna to Deoghar trip booking has already begun at the starting fare of Rs 2,960 (excluding other charges). Because the distance between Patna and Deoghar is short, the flight ticket price is also not much high. Many online portals are available where you can book Patna to Deoghar flight tickets at a lower price.

After taking all discounts from online portals, Patna to Deoghar flight ticket price ranges from around 1500 rupees. As we know that flight tickets price varies on demand and supply, so if you are searching for Deoghar to Patna flight ticket at a cheaper price, then books your ticket in advance.

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