Thursday, June 13

Who needs Instagram filter when we have Delhi Pollution?

Contrary to what the Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi government has been claiming, the city’s air has continued to exacerbate people’s health. Delhi Pollution has been a topic of joke among Indian and Global netizens for last few years.

Who needs Instagram filter when we have Delhi Pollution? The Ganga Times Reports
The Ganga Times Image (Courtesy: Onkar Kumar)

Delhi is by far the most polluted global city in the world. I’m not the one saying this, it’s the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting the sorry truth of India and its capital. Wait, wait, wait… If you think Delhi pollution portrays the worst image of India’s environmental disgrace, you are absolutely misinformed. We proudly contribute 12 out of 22 of the world’s most polluted cities.

If you are scrolling this somewhere from Europe and America, the public health disaster alarm must have got activated in the cerebrum. But don’t worry my friend, we Indians have got used to this. I have started to stultify you with serious stuffs, haven’t I? Before you regret clicking on the Ganga Times story, let’s get into the social media filters of Indian netizens who have ceased using Instagram and Snapchat filters because they have the brand new Delhi Pollution.

Delhi Pollution (Image Courtesy: Harish Tyagi from European Pressphoto Agency

India’s pollution has reached our social media accounts, with people talking about pollution in India online, while enjoying the diverse nature of this tragic reality.

Another Delhiite tweeted about the worsening of Delhi’s air from March to November. She wrote, “The change in Delhi’s air quality from March to November! Can it get any worse?”

It’s not that just the air is filthy but water pollution in Delhi is also at the alarming level. A Twitter user posted pictures of last year’s Chhath Puja where Devotees can be seen standing in toxic foam of Yamuna River. The tweet reads, “

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