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Popular Places To Visit In Bihar In Winter Of 2023

Due to its geographic location, the winter season is one of the best for visiting tourist places in Bihar. Check out some popular places to visit in Bihar in winter season.

Places To Visit In Bihar In Winter

In Bihar, from April to June, it gets really hot, up to 48℃ in some places. Most days are sunny, and nights are not too hot. It’s not the best time for day trips because it’s so hot. If you want a better time to visit, winter is great. It’s not too hot from October to early March, with temperatures between 8°C and 24°C. In December and January, it can get as cool as 4℃. The days are nice, making it a good time for fun trips. Winter is much better than the really hot summer if you want a more comfortable visit. We have shortlisted the top ten places to visit in Bihar in winter.

List of Places To Visit In Bihar In Winter Season

1. Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Valmiki Tiger Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Bihar in winter time.
Valmiki Tiger Reserve is one of the best places to visit in Bihar in winter time.

The Valmiki Tiger Reserve Park has around 200 different types of birds and many special animals that need protection. It’s a great place for tourists. In September 2021, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, said they want to encourage eco-tourism in Valmiki Nagar. Tourist places in Valmiki Tiger Reserve are Bheriyari Watch towe, Bhikhna Thori, Boating in Rohua Nala (Tributary of Gandak river), Kapan, Lalbhitiya, Manor Trek, Pandai River, Parewa Dah, Someshwar Peak and Valmikinagar.

2. Nature Safari Park Rajgir

The Nature Safari Park Rajgir is like a small piece of forest in the pretty hills of Rajgir, in the South Gangetic Plain. This place is important for the environment around it because it has different plants and animals. There are mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians living here. The landscape is hilly and surrounded by five mountains: Ratnagiri, Vipulgiri, Vaibhagiri, Songiri, and Udaygiri. They call it the Land of Five Hills. Must things to do in Nature Safari Park Rajgir are Glass skywalk, Suspension bridge, Zipline, Trekking, Rifle shooting etc. Nature Safari Park Rajgir is a popular places to visit in Bihar in winter.

3. Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya is a special places to visit in Bihar in winter, recognized by UNESCO. It’s famous because Buddha became enlightened there. The Mahabodhi Temple is really old and sits exactly where Buddha became enlightened. The Bodhi Tree, like a great-great-grandchild of the original tree Buddha sat under, is a special symbol. There’s a big statue of Buddha and a museum that tell you about Buddhist art and history. The Royal Bhutan Monastery is a calm and peaceful place. Also, there’s the Dungeshwari Cave Temple, where Buddha used to meditate. People visit Bodh Gaya for a quiet and spiritual experience, exploring the rich Buddhist history there.

4. Patna

Patna, the main city of Bihar, has a lot of interesting history and culture. The Golghar is like a big storage building with great views, and Gandhi Maidan is a famous open space. Patna Museum shows old things from India, and Patna Sahib Gurudwara is an important place for Sikhs. There’s a historic place called Qila House and an ancient well called Agam Kuan, making the city even more special. Har Mandir Takht is a special Sikh shrine, and Bihar Museum has many different things to see. Patna is a mix of old and new, and it welcomes people to explore its lively city. Patna is one of the must places to visit in Bihar in winter.

5. Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is a pretty place that people like to visit because it’s beautiful and calm. The waterfall has water falling down, and there are lots of green plants, making it a relaxing and peaceful spot. It’s perfect for people who want a break from the busy city and want to enjoy nature. You can go there to feel peaceful, surrounded by the soothing sounds of flowing water. Located just 160 km from Patna, Tutla Bhawani Waterfall is one of the popular places to visit in Bihar in winter.

6. Rajgir Zoo Safari

Take a fun safari to see animals in their happy homes! Chief Minister Nitish Kumar started Rajgir Zoo Safari on January 17, 2017. It’s a big area, almost 500 acres, in the green Vaibhigri and Songiri mountains. There are waterfalls, cool landscapes, and themed parks. You can see lots of different animals like lions, tigers, leopards, bears, and herbivores in five zones. This special experience helps people learn about and protect wildlife. It’s a joyful adventure for everyone who loves nature, giving an amazing and unforgettable experience. Rajgir Zoo Safari is one of the best outdoor places to visit in Bihar in winter.

7. Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary

The seventh name in the list of places to visit in Bihar in winter is Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, a great place for nature lovers. It has lots of different plants and animals. You can go on a safari to see deer, leopards, and many birds. Walking in nature and watching birds are fun things to do there. If you like taking pictures, you can capture the beautiful landscapes and remember the diverse plants and animals. It’s a perfect spot for people who want a calm and peaceful getaway surrounded by nature’s beauty.

8. Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

The Tomb of Sher Shah Suri in Sasaram, Bihar, is an important historical place. It was built to remember a great emperor from the 16th century, Sher Shah Suri. The tomb has special Afghan-style architecture and is shaped like an octagon. It’s in a calm garden, and people can walk around to see the detailed design. People visit to show respect to the emperor. If you like history or want to experience Sasaram’s cultural past, this tomb is a great place to visit.

9. Nalanda

Nalanda, in Bihar, India, is known for its rich history and ancient learning. The ruins of Nalanda University, an ancient center of education, attract visitors. You can explore the archaeological site and imagine the old classrooms. The Nalanda Archaeological Museum displays artifacts found here. The Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall honors the famous Chinese traveler. Nalanda is a great place for those interested in history and learning about the ancient wisdom that once thrived in this region. Nalanda is one of the top places to visit in Bihar in winter.

10. Vikramshila Ruins

The next name in the places to visit in Bihar in winter is Vikramshila Ruins. It remains of an ancient Buddhist learning centre. You can explore the old structures and imagine the place where people once studied. The ruins tell stories about the past and the wisdom that was shared here. It’s like taking a journey back in time. For those curious about history and ancient knowledge, visiting Vikramshila Ruins offers a chance to connect with the region’s rich cultural and educational heritage.

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