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First 5 Star Hotel in Bihar Name, Location And Room Rate

Finally, after 75 years of independence, the first 5 star hotel in Bihar is now open in Bodhgaya. In this article, Check out the hotel location, room rates etc.

Bihar first 5 star hotel is now open in Bodh Gaya.
Bihar first 5 star hotel is now open in Bodh Gaya.

5-star hotels in any state, town or country play a very important role in attracting tourists. Apart from attracting tourists, 5 Star hotels also generate huge employment opportunities. Many times, opposition of the Bihar government has targeted the Nitish government for not developing the 5 Star Hotel in Bihar. Bihar is famous for many reasons, which helps to attract tourists from across the world. Lord Buddha attained knowledge by doing penance in Bihar. Lord Mahavir was born in Bihar and attained enlightenment. People who believe in Buddhism all over the world visit Bodh Gaya at least once in their lifetime. For those who believe in Jainism, visit Pawapuri.

Bihar First 5 Star Hotel Name

The first 5-star hotel in Bihar is Hyatt Place Bodh Gaya. Hyatt Place is 5-star hotel brand that’s comfy and stylish. The rooms are big, with separate places to hang out and sleep. There’s a special sofa called Cozy Corner and a good workspace. You get free Wi-Fi, and they have a menu available all day for yummy meals. There’s also a special e-room where you can print stuff from far away. Breakfast offers lots of choices to start your day right. Hyatt Place focuses on making things easy for guests, and it’s a nice place for both work and fun trips.

First 5 Star Hotel in Bihar Location

Bihar’s first 5-star hotel is located on Katorwa Road, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India, 824231. The hotel is about 20 minutes from Gaya airport and is surrounded by beautiful nature in the holy city. It’s close to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Mahabodhi temple, and the Bodhi tree.

First 5 Star Hotel in Bihar Room Rate

Room image of the first 5 star hotel in Bihar.
Room image of the first 5 star hotel in Bihar.

The first 5 star hotel in Bihar Hyatt Place Bodh Gaya room rate per night is 12,000 to 15,000 Rupees. Room rates also depend on hotel availability. Usually, when the demand goes high, the room tariff increases; when room demand is low, the room tariff goes low.

Number of Rooms in Bihar First 5 Star Hotel

The number of rooms is first 5 star hotel in Bihar is 74. Every room is spacious and have special spots for relaxing and working, with a cosy nook and a desk. They’re designed coolly, mixing modern style with local touches. You can see the amazing Buddha temple from your room, and we have awesome stuff like Wi-Fi, a big 55-inch TV, a mini fridge, a USB charging dock, and helpful concierge services.

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