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Why Railway is Planning to Increase Vande Bharat Stop on Many Routes

There are many routes where the occupancy rate is very low in Vande Bharat Express Train. To Increase the occupancy rate railway is planning to increase Vande Bharat stop on many routes.

Vande Bharat Stop

The Vande Bharat trains operating between Bhopal-Indore and Bhopal-Jabalpur have fallen short of the initial expectations set by the Railways. These trains were anticipated to attract a substantial passenger volume on both routes; however, they are currently encountering challenges in terms of passenger occupancy. So the railway is planning to increase the Vande Bharat stop to get more passengers.

This situation underscores the need for continued efforts to enhance the appeal and utilization of these train services among travellers. The Executive Class (EC) coaches of the Vande Bharat trains are experiencing low occupancy rates, often with only a few passengers on board, sometimes in single digits. Following a one-month review by the Ministry of Railways, it was recognized that additional stoppages were necessary.

To attract more passengers, fare reductions have been implemented for both the Executive Class (EC) and Chair Car (CC) classes. These measures are expected to contribute to an increase in passenger numbers and better utilization of train services. The current scenario reveals that both the Bhopal-Indore and Bhopal-Jabalpur Vande Bharat trains are unable to achieve even 40 per cent passenger capacity.

Indore Bhopal Vande Bharat Stop

Indore Bhopal Vande Bharat stops at only one station at Ujjain Junction between Indore and Bhopal. Despite the availability of 530 seats across eight coaches on the Vande Bharat train, the Bhopal-Indore route often witnesses low occupancy, with the train frequently not even filling half of its total seats.

Although the Vande Bharat trains commenced operations on June 27, the anticipation of attracting a significant number of passengers on weekdays has been challenged by the limited stoppages and relatively high fares. As a result, the daily commuters between these cities have faced disruptions and challenges in their travel plans.

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