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Rapidx Train Route, Speed, Fare, Manufacturer and Facility

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi soon inaugurated the RapidX train between Sahibabad to Duhai. The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) has completed the preparation work.

Rapidx Train

The Regional Rapid Transit System, which is also known as RapidX, is a semi-high high-speed rail system which is going to operate in NCR(National Capital Region). The government is developing the Rapidx system to provide fast and comfortable train journeys near Metro cities. The government is also developing the Rapidx system so that crowds can get shifted to other nearby towns, and population density in Delhi and nearby area get decreased.

Once it gets successful near NCR, then the government will develop the same rail transit system near other metro cities. The plan for a regional rapid transit service to connect Delhi with nearby towns was proposed in the late 1990s by Indian Railways. In April 2023, the NCRTC branded RRTS services as RapidX.

Rapidx Train Route

There are a total of three Rapidx Train Route. The first route will connect Delhi – Ghaziabad – Meerut, the second route will connect Delhi – Panipat and the third route will connect Delhi – Gurugram – SNB – Alwar. Rapidx train routes are designed in a way so that they can connect other modes of public transport, such as airports, Indian Railway stations, inter-state bus terminals, and Delhi Metro stations.

Rapidx Train Facility

Each RapidX train will be air-conditioned and will have a separate coach for women travellers. Each train will have a separate business coach, which will help business class travellers to use more public transport.

Rapidx Train Speed

The highest speed of the Rapidx Train will be 150 km/h to 180 km/h. The Rapidx will be faster than the Delhi metro and Indian railway local EMU trains. The speed may be get increased in future after the trail run and based on route conditions. For a comfortable journey, each coach will have luggage space like a local train. Rapidx coaches will also provide a charging point for mobile and laptops. Free Wi-Fi facility will also be provided in Rapidx trains.

Rapidx Train Fare

The Rapidx Train fare will be quite high as compared to Delhi Metro and local trains. The fare will be based on the distance travelled by any passenger. According to the sources, it will cost around 2 to 3 rupees per kilometre.

Rapidx Manufacturer

Rapidx is designed by French rolling stock manufacturer Alstom. The French company designed the train in the Indian Railway engineering centre in Hyderabad. The manufacturer of Rapidx train is the Indian railway, and it’s manufactured in Savli, Gujarat. The train is designed like a local EMU train, but there are many facilities added to this, like speed is very high, it has air conditioning, the weight of each coach being very less compared to the local train etc.

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