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Sikkim First Vande Bharat Likely To Start By 2024 End, Check Out Route and Stops

Sikkim is one of the important states of North East India, and if the route work is completed, the Sikkim first Vande Bharat Express is likely to start by the end of 2024.

Sikkim First Vande Bharat
Sikkim First Vande Bharat

Currently, there is no train network in Sikkim because of the hill area, but train connectivity will soon be possible because railway track work is in progress. Currently, the nearest railway station to Sikkim is Siliguri, located around 45 km from the Sikkim border. Siliguri railway station is located in West Bengal and is connected by train to all major cities of India.

Sikkim First Vande Bharat Express Route

Sikkim First Vande Bharat Express route will cover a distance of 600 km between Howrah and Gangtok. Train connectivity in Sikkim is crucial for its economic development, tourism, and social integration. As a landlocked state with challenging terrain, Sikkim faces logistical hurdles that hinder its growth. Introducing Vande Bharat trains in Sikkim would enhance accessibility, making it easier for tourists and businesses to reach the region. This increased accessibility can significantly boost tourism, a key sector for Sikkim’s economy.

Moreover, train connectivity would facilitate the movement of goods, promoting trade and commerce. It would also reduce the region’s dependence on road transport, which is vulnerable to landslides and other natural disasters. Additionally, trains are more environmentally friendly than other modes of transport, aligning with Sikkim’s focus on sustainability.

Furthermore, improved connectivity would foster social integration by connecting Sikkim with other parts of India, promoting cultural exchange and understanding. It would also help develop remote areas by providing them with better access to essential services and opportunities. Overall, train connectivity has the potential to transform Sikkim’s economy and society, making it an essential infrastructure investment for the state.

When Will Sikkim First Vande Bharat Express Start?

Indian Railway is working to make a track to Rangpo. Rangpo will be Sikkim’s first Railway station, which is going to start in August End. If the construction work is going smoothly and there are no landslides or floods, then Sikkim’s first Vande Bharat Train will start in December 2024.

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