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The Paw-fect Match – Why Savaari Car Rentals is Ideal for Your Next Trip with Pets

As someone who has been traversing the diverse landscapes of India with my two dogs, Axl and Diesel, and my cat, Friday, I’ve come to believe strongly that pets are more than just home dwellers – they’re adventurous souls like us. Axl and Diesel find sheer joy on the sun-kissed beaches, and Friday bask in the tranquility of mountainous terrains. Despite the joy, traveling with them presents challenges, particularly the anxiety of ensuring their well-being while driving, which can be distracting. The thought of leaving them behind is unimaginable, given their love for travel.

The situation becomes more complicated when finding pet-friendly transportation, as many taxi drivers are hesitant, worrying about potential messes or disturbances, and the majority of app-based taxi services have strict no-pet policies. Public transport isn’t an option either, and the frustration of being repeatedly turned down by cabs for outstation trips upon mentioning my pets was growing. It was during these trying times that I came across Savaari’s pet-friendly taxi service, a discovery that significantly transformed our travel experience.

Savaari – A game-changer for pet travel

Months ago, I came across a post on Instagram from a fellow pet owner who had a wonderful experience with Savaari during a road trip. This piqued my interest as I hadn’t realized that Savaari offered pet-friendly services. After exploring Savaari’s Instagram and website, I decided to try their service for my next journey with my pets. It turned out to be a fantastic decision that greatly improved our travel experience.

Previously, when I traveled to places like Coorg, Mysore, and Bangalore with my pets, my focus was mainly on the destination, and I was often concerned about their comfort during the drive. But with Savaari, our trips to Ooty, Goa, and Varkala were different. Although I had driven my pets to Ooty before, this time was unique as I could truly appreciate the scenic beauty of the route. After booking my car rental from Bangalore, I could relax and enjoy myself with my pets in the backseat, instead of managing the challenges of driving, which made a significant difference.

Not having to be in the driver’s seat, dealing with the gears, GPS, and the stress of finding suitable stops for my pets, was a welcome change. The Savaari driver knew exactly what was needed, enabling me to fully engage in the journey. He was incredibly accommodating, making pit stops whenever needed, suggesting delightful detours, and even taking numerous photos for us. What impressed me most was how the driver’s kindness and patience made my usually cautious pets feel at ease. Such considerate service not only made my travels smoother but also ensured that my pets were comfortable and felt loved. 

This wasn’t just limited to long journeys. Many times, for shorter trips to the vet, pet cafes, parks, or grooming sessions, Savaari’s local cabs were a godsend. Before Savaari, I would often be left waiting for auto rickshaws, which usually refused us upon seeing my pets. Even when we found public transport that would accept pets, it was far from ideal. The unfamiliar faces, loud noises, and rough rides would leave my pets anxious and distressed. With Savaari, they can travel comfortably to any destination, fully participating in all our adventures without any stress.

Revolutionizing pet travel in India

Discovering Savaari’s pet-friendly services felt like a breath of fresh air in the travel landscape. For me, this initiative is more than just a convenient offering; it’s a recognition of my pets as cherished family members who deserve to be part of our travel adventures. It’s heartwarming to see a company understand that pets, with their unique personalities and needs, are integral to our lives. Each journey with Savaari has become a shared experience, where my pets can enjoy the trip as much as I do. It feels like we’re finally being seen and catered to, as a family that simply loves to explore together.

I’m genuinely delighted that Savaari has extended its pet-friendly services to numerous cities, significantly increasing its reach and accessibility. This expansion brings me great joy as it opens up more opportunities for pet owners like myself to explore with our pets. Furthermore, the prominence of this service on their website, which is easy to navigate, highlights their dedication to pet-friendly travel. It’s effortless for pet owners to find and utilize these services, enhancing the overall experience of planning trips with our furry friends.

Booking your pet-friendly ride with Savaari

Securing a pet-friendly cab with Savaari is an uncomplicated and user-friendly process. Simply visit Savaari’s website or download the app on your phone. When making your booking, simply select the ‘special services’ option before finalizing your payment. Here, you’ll find the option for pet-friendly services, along with other offerings like luggage carriers, assisted airport pickups, and drivers who speak your preferred language. 

Alternatively, a quick call to Savaari’s customer service at 9045450000 to notify them about your accompanying pets is all it takes. A small extra fee is added to your fare for transportation and cleaning, ensuring your experience is smooth and trouble-free. Remember, pets need to be transported safely and in line with safety regulations to prevent any possible cancellation of the trip by Savaari.

This innovative service has unlocked many possibilities for pet owners like me, eager to explore India’s beauty without leaving our beloved pets behind. Savaari’s initiative is a significant stride towards creating more inclusive and enjoyable travel experiences for both pet owners and their pets. With Savaari, I can now confidently plan journeys across India’s varied landscapes, knowing that my beloved pets will be well taken care of and that our travels will be smooth and memorable.

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