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These 5 New Vande Bharat Will Start From Next Month

Currently, 25 Vande Bharat Express are running in India and 5 new Vande Bharat Express trains are going to be launched from next month.

New Vande Bharat

The count of Vande Bharat trains in India is progressively expanding. As of April 2023, there were five Vande Bharat Express trains. In May 2023, this number increased to two more. Furthermore, June 2023 witnessed the commencement of an additional five Vande Bharat Express trains. The trend continued in July 2023 with the introduction of two more trains, including the Jodhpur – Sabarmati (Ahmedabad) Vande Bharat Express and the Gorakhpur – Lucknow Charbagh Vande Bharat Express. This reflects the ongoing effort to enhance and expand the high-speed rail network in the country.

List of 5 New Vande Bharat Express Trains Likely To Start From Next Month

1. Patna Howrah Vande Bharat Express

The first name on the list of new Vande Bharat to be launched in September 2023 is Patna Howrah Vande Bharat. The Patna Howrah Vande Bharat train marks the first Vande Bharat train connection between Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. Spanning a distance of 535 km from Patna to Howrah Junction, the anticipated ticket costs for this route are approximately 1450 rupees for a one-way journey in the AC Chair Car class, while the Executive Chair Car (EC) fare is estimated to be around 2650 rupees.

2. Chennai Central Vijayawada Vande Bharat Express

The second name on the list of new Vande Bharat to be launched in September 2023 is Chennai Vijayawada Vande Bharat. The introduction of the Chennai Central Vijayawada Vande Bharat Express is set to have a substantial impact on railway connectivity within Andhra Pradesh. Operating across a span of 431 km during its journey between Chennai and Vijayawada, this train’s route originates from Chennai Central and makes scheduled stops at Gudur Junction, Nellore, Ongole, Tenali Junction, and Vijayawada Junction.

3. Kacheguda Yesvantpur Vande Bharat Express

The third name on the list of new Vande Bharat to be launched next month is Kacheguda Yesvantpur Vande Bharat. The Kacheguda Yesvantpur Vande Bharat Express is specifically crafted to establish a vital link between the capital cities of Karnataka and Telangana, namely Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Encompassing a route spanning 615 km from Hyderabad to Bangalore, this express train efficiently completes the journey in a mere 6 hours. Along its route, the train makes stops at key stations including Sedam, Raichur Junction, and Guntakal Junction.

4. Tirunelveli Chennai Egmore Vande Bharat Express

The fourth name on the list of new Vande Bharat to be launched next month is Tirunelveli Chennai Vande Bharat. Spanning a route of 652 km, the Chennai Tirunelveli Vande Bharat Express establishes a connection between Chennai and Tirunelveli. The train’s journey includes stops at crucial stations such as Villupuram Junction, Tiruchchirapli Junction, Madurai Junction, and Virudhunagar Junction along the Chennai-Tirunelveli route.

5. Udaipur Jaipur Vande Bharat Express

The Jaipur Udaipur Vande Bharat Express route encompasses a distance of 440 km, connecting Jaipur Junction and Udaipur City. The train’s journey includes planned stops at Mavli, Chanderiya, Bhilwara, and Ajmer, effectively bridging the gap between Jaipur and Udaipur. The train’s schedule is as follows: Departing from Udaipur city railway station at 8:10 am, it arrives at Jaipur Junction at 2:10 pm. Subsequently, the train halts at Jaipur Junction for 1 hour and 50 minutes before departing at 4 pm, ultimately arriving in Udaipur at 10 pm.

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