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Top 5 Best IPU Law Colleges in Delhi

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (IPU) is a premier university in Delhi. There are a lot of top IPU law colleges. For aspiring candidates, IPU is an ideal destination. In this article, we shall talk about the best IPU Law colleges for those willing to make a career in the legal field.

Exceeding the efforts of other educational institutions in India, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), located in New Delhi, has seen its position with the ideal law schools. According to various yearly rankings, various IPU Law Colleges. There are 118 higher education institutions affiliated with the GGSIPU, with 83 of them being self-financed and 35 being government-operated. 

This article covers vital information about the top 5 IPU law colleges of the city. The purpose of giving such details is to assist an apprentice to select from some of the best colleges of GGSIPU. The choices for law courses presented within this overview are among the finest in the country. By looking over this list, you may readily find the top law colleges of IPU in the capital.

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Top 5 Best IPU Law Colleges in Delhi

1. Fairfield Institute Of Management And Technology (FIMT School of Law)

FIMT School of Law top IPU Law College
Fairfield Institute Of Management And Technology (FIMT School of Law) Moot Court Scene

Fairfield Institute of Management & Technology is a premier law school in IPU, rooted in 43 years of implementing students’ professional careers in the country. Its establishment dates back to 2008.

One of the top IPU Law Colleges, the FIMT School of Law is approved by the Bar Association of India and is also affiliated with the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, as well as being designated as a top-rated college by D.H.E., the government of Delhi. The school schedules various skill-development activities such as mediation sessions, moot court practices, drafting, legal research, among others.

The college can provide students with the best infrastructure and most experienced faculty members to help them achieve their objectives and ultimately succeed.

The School of Law offers these academic opportunities:

Also, this calendar year, the institute has included LLM (Master of Legislative Laws) under a legal management course in their teaching lineup.

FIMT’s admissions department offers 9 courses throughout the period including Art, Law, Commerce, and Management. FIMT also provides integrated general, and honors courses in a variety of subjects. All admissions are made based on the grades from the prior qualifying exam. Prospective students under Law must demonstrate their logical capability abilities by taking CLAT (Common Law Admission Test). 

FIMT has a very strong placement history. FIMT has organized multiple orientations and multiple placement drives for students to guarantee a smooth placement process on campus. FIMT educates students on all the aspects of placement etiquette. The school also encourages industry-academia interaction through industry tours, workshops, seminars, and activities that facilitate enhancing knowledge about professional life. The most sought-after recruiters of FIMT are Godrej, Hero Honda, HP, and ICICI Bank.

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2. University School Of Law And Legal Studies (USLLS)

University School Of Law And Legal Studies (lawgupshup)

Established in 2001, it was formerly the first and only law school in the state of Delhi. The college is located in a central location near to the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court. The University School of Law is affiliated with the Indraprastha University and provides five years of integrated law curriculum to its pupils. This is probably the most well-known IPU law college in the country, and it is truly exceedingly tough to get into your manner of study. Here is the name and duration of courses offered by USLLS:

  • B.A., LL.B.(H)- duration of 5 years
  • B.B.A., LL.B.(H)-duration of 5 years
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.)-duration two years
  • Ph.D.

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3. Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies (VIPS)

Vivekananda Institute Of Professional Studies is among the top IPU Law Colleges

Commonly known as VIPS is among the most prominent private law schools in Delhi. VIPS is keen on supplying its pupils with a holistic and professional educational program. The educational institute aims to provide outstanding professional standards and teaching of legal expertise to all its students in its legal advice, which is very close to the top law schools in the world. VIPS is an on-campus school where intellectual exploration is encouraged. It stresses imagination during the academic year. It invites you to participate in pedagogical programs, collaborations with the likes of industry lets you participate in internships, and you can even attend a variety of seminars, workshops, and firm visits here.

VIPS, an IPU law college of some recognition, offers side-by-side programs tied up with the University of New Hampshire-Franklin Pierce Center, U.S., and National Law India University for a higher degree or various online courses. Several alumni of the University are part of growing organizations such as Patrons Legal, IndusLaw, etc.

VIPS offered a list of courses that lies under its School of Law and Legal Studies:

  • B.A.LL.B.
  • BBA-LL.B.
  • M.A.LL.B.

Other few value-added courses are:

  1. International Relations Laws and Politics
  2. Environmental Governance
  3. Gender, Law, and Society

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4. Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management And Technology

Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management And Technology Law
Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Management And Technology is a top IPU Law College

MAIMS is dedicated to ensuring that students using its legal science program have a healthy education. To that end, this law college of IPU organizes a wide range of skill-development exercises, including model united nation, moot court competitions, and client counseling competitions.

The MAIMS educational program has integrity and impartial teachers who motivate the students to engage effectively and acquire extracurricular competencies. The program also provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their humanistic and moral skills through numerous extracurricular activities. 

Below is the list of courses offered by MAIMS:

  • BA.LL.B.
  • BBA-LL.B.
  • Legal Drafting – a value-added course

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5. Trinity Institute of Professional Studies

Trinity Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS Cultural Festival)
Cultural festival at Trinity Institute of Professional Studies

TIPS is one of the most celebrated and prestigious universities that integrates Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an incredible achievement, and the affiliated institute has been rated A+ by SFRC, Government of Delhi. Offering expansive learning opportunities in a socially conscientious inclusive environment, this educational place gives students the chance to uncover their potential. 

Counted among the top-ranking IPU Law Colleges, TIPS is known to offer courses that can be used toward certification.

  • B.A. LLB.

Admission procedure

Students must take and pass the exam to qualify for the prestigious CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) exam. Students who have secured a good CLAT all-India rank, are listed and submitted for admission during this procedure. Unlike traditional admissions, students must appear for a two-step counseling procedure.

This list of some of the popular IPU Law Colleges is based on discussions with various students who have studied in these institutes.

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