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Top 10 IT Companies in India (2022)

India, in the last couple of decades, has emerged as one of the favorite destinations for the IT industry to flourish. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 IT companies in India. Some of the top IT companies in India have been at the forefront of the country’s progress.

List of Top 10 IT Companies in India: India’s Biggest Software Companies
  • Indian IT-BPM industry occupies 45% of the stake in Indian Export Services.
  • It is a booming sector in the country with a rate of 2.3%.
  • Top IT companies in India take up more than an 8% share of the country’s GDP.
  • IT Industry revenue turns around $170-$200 billion in the Indian Market.

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Such stats are enough to exhibit the powerful impact of IT services in India. India’s IT industry is quite competitive, soaring high universally. You might be wondering what these India’s top IT companies do, and what kind of work culture they adopt?

This article talks about the prominent services of the top 10 IT companies in India and their growth, the Indian market for techies and so much more.

Gone are the days; when India used to be recognized for its agriculture industry only. In the last couple of decades, our nation has created unparalleled marks in various other fields, led by the technology sector.

India’s IT Industry is one of the most thriving ones serving its clients with the optimum informational technology services. Exponential advances in the technology sector such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, loT would continue to transform human life substantially.

Today, technological innovations are reforming the world.  Top IT companies in India provide their clients with proficiency in operating and monitoring the technical division. The industry has flourished not only in bigger cities but also in smaller towns. Top IT companies in Patna, Lucknow, Raipur, and other smaller cities are offering employment to thousands. Let’s know better about the biggest IT companies in India.

Top 10 IT Companies in India 2022

Take a look at the Top 10 biggest IT companies in India of the year 2022. These top IT firms are ranked upon the total sales in recent years.  

1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS is the biggest IT company in India
TCS is the biggest IT company in India. (ET)

In terms of generating revenue, Tata Consultancy Services is a top IT company in India. TCS is known as a big bull, offering IT services, consulting, and business solutions. It has been contributing to the transformation journeys of some of the world’s biggest businesses for the last fifty years.

TCS, one of the top 10 IT companies in India, caters to a consulting-led, cognitive-powered, incorporated portfolio of business, technology, and engineering services and solutions. 

  • Revenue: Rs 1,67,311 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs 845,337 Cr.
  • Employees: 420,000
  • ROE: 35.98 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 10.47 %
  • Promoter holding: 72.05 %

A unit of the Tata group, TCS has more than 4,20,000 of the world’s most skilled consultants in about 50 countries. The company produced consolidated returns of  $20b for the year 2019. It is registered on the BSE (formerly Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National Stock Exchange) in India. The company holds a market capitalization of Rs 8,10,000 Crores.

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2. Infosys

Infosys one of the top 10 IT companies in India
Infosys is one of the top IT companies in India. (ET)

Listed at NYSE, Infosys is a global consulting and IT services firm, founded in 1981. With a strength of over 2,28,000 employees, it is the second-largest among the top 10 IT companies in India in 2022. The capital of the company surges from $250  to $11.8b (FY19 revenues) with a market capitalization of approximately $47.7b. It is the first Indian IT Company to be listed on NASDAQ.

  • Revenue: Rs 1,02,673 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs  282,028 Cr.
  • Employees: 228,000
  • ROE: 23.50 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.81 %
  • Promoter holding: 13.15  

3. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies
Among the top 10 IT companies in India, HCL Technologies comes third. (ET)

HCL Technologies is a pre-eminent IT company in India. With the help of digital technology transformation, this company supports global re-imagine and transforms their businesses remarkably. Glued with third place in the list of India’s best IT companies, HCL focuses on providing a combined portfolio of services featured by its Mode 1-2-3 growth strategy.

The Company’s bargaining chip is its worldwide setup of integrated co-innovation labs and universal delivery abilities to proffer holistic multi-service delivery in significant industry verticals including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Travel, Transportation & Logistics, and Government.  

Mode 1 incorporates the crucial services in the areas of BPO and Engineering, Applications, Infrastructure, and R&D services, leveraging DRYiCETM Autonomics to reform clients’ business and IT landscape.

Mode 2 emphasizes experience-centric and outcome-oriented united assistance of IoT WoRKS™, Digital & Analytics, Cloud Native Services, and Cybersecurity & GRC services to direct business upshots and enable enterprise digitalization. 

Mode 3 approach is ecosystem–driven, formulating innovative IP–partnerships to form products and platforms business. 

  • Revenue: Rs 76,306 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs 153,370 Cr.
  • ROE: 25.76 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 24.74 %
  • Promoter holding: 60.00 %

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4. Wipro Limited

Wipro is among the biggest IT Companies in India
Wipro is among the top IT Companies in India

Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO) is a well-known worldwide information technology company in India. It proffers consulting and business process services. Holding the 4th position on the list of the top 10 IT companies in India, Wipro harnesses the power of cognitive computing, robotics, cloud, hyper-automation, analytics, and emerging technologies to aid clients to connect to the digital world.  Serving clients across six continents, Wipro is one of the biggest Indian IT companies to ascertain ideas and fill in the gaps to craft a better and bold new future.

  • Revenue: Rs 64,338 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs 153,043 Cr.
  • Employees: 160,000
  • ROE: 17.26 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 4.82 %
  • Promoter holding: 74.04 %

5. Redington India Ltd

Redington India Ltd
Redington India Ltd is among the biggest IT companies in India

Commenced in 1993, Redington passed through an incredible and exciting excursion to bag its position among the top IT companies in India. It is a company that emerges from a single brand, a single product category, and a single market to a $6.7b distribution and supply chain solutions provider to over 220 international brands in IT and Mobility spaces. Today, Redington is serving more than 30 emerging markets.

  • Revenue: Rs 47,996 Cr.
  • Market Cap: Rs 4,438 Cr.
  • ROE: 15.00 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.50 %
  • Promoter holding: 0.00 %

6. Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Tech Mahindra Ltd
Tech Mahindra Ltd is certainly among the top 10 IT companies in India (BF)

Tech Mahindra denotes the connected world, proposing advanced and customer-centric information technology capabilities, assisting Associates, Enterprises, and the Society to Rise™. With a turnover of around 9 billion, the company continuously serves support to its 941 universal clients with a team of 125,700+ professionals across 90 countries. One of India’s biggest IT firms, Tech Mahindra is a part of the Mahindra Group.

  • Revenue: Rs 38,643 Cr
  • Market Cap:  70,141 Cr.
  • Employees: 125,700
  • ROE: 21.58 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.45 %
  • Promoter holding: 35.88 %

Tech Mahindra is the top-ranked Non-U.S. company under the Forbes Global Digital 100 list and in the Forbes Fab 50 companies in Asia of the year 2018.

7. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd is a premier IT & software company of India (TG)

For the past 20 years, Larsen and Turbo group has fallen into the realm of the IT industry. Like the above-listed organizations, this is also one of the biggest IT companies in India.

  • Revenue: Rs 12,644 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs  29,302 Cr.
  • ROE: 34.63 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 17.34 %
  • Promoter holding: 74.62 %

LTI is an international technology consulting and digital solutions company assisting more than 360 clienteles thrive in a converging world. Being operational in 30 countries, fast-track digital transformation with LTI’s Mosaic platform allowing their social, analytics, IoT, mobile, and cloud journeys.

 8. Mphasis Ltd.

Mphasis Ltd.- IT firm
Mphasis Ltd. has gained immense success as one of the top IT companies in India (VCC)

Established in 1992, Mphasis assists marquee patrons all over the world incorporating 6 leading global banks, 11 out of 15 best mortgage lenders, and 3 top international insurance companies. With around 22,000 employees across 16 countries, Mphasis is one of the biggest software and IT companies in India.

  • Revenue: Rs 9,855 Cr
  • Employees: 22,000
  • Market Cap:  17,738 Cr.
  • ROE: 19.96 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 8.33 %
  • Promoter holding: 52.22 %

9. Mindtree Ltd.

Mindtree Ltd. is one of the biggest IT firms
Mindtree Ltd. is one of the biggest IT & software firms. (BQ)

Mindtree is an international technology consulting and services company, facilitating enterprises tying the knot to the scale with dexterity to attain a competitive advantage. Digitally born in 1999 and popularly known with the name of Larsen & Toubro Group Company, Mindtree puts on its in-depth domain knowledge to 350+ enterprise client schedules to disintegrate silos, make sense of digital difficulties and bring new edges to souk swiftly.

  • Revenue: Rs 8,119 Cr
  • Market Cap: Rs 11,855 Cr.
  • Employees: 21000
  • ROE: 24.94 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 14.54 %
  • Promoter holding: 73.76 %

Noted among the top IT companies in India, Mindtree contributes greatly to the IT sector to run correspondingly to the speed of business, gripping emerging technologies, and the competencies of uninterrupted delivery to spur business advancement. it has emerged in the top 10 IT companies in India. Functioning in more than 15 countries, this organization is listed among the country’s biggest software companies.

10. Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

Hexaware Technologies Ltd. building
Hexaware Technologies Ltd. is 10th on the list of the top 10 IT companies in India

Hexaware is a worldwide leader and a rapidly growing next-generation IT, BPO, and consulting services provider. It is one of the biggest and top IT companies in India. 

The Company is developed at the intersection of innovative technologies – AUTOMATE EVERYTHING TM, CLOUDIFY EVERYTHING TM, TRANSFORM CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES TM, aiding in accelerating enterprises into the digital age. With 33 global offices, HTL’s growth strategy helps in strengthening its global delivery skills. 

  • Revenue: Rs 5,306 Cr
  • Market Cap:  10,165 Cr.
  • Employees: 18,294
  • ROE: 26.53 %
  • Sales Growth (3Yrs): 14.17 %
  • Promoter holding: 62.45 %

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