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Top 10 Best Wines in India

India is a vast alcohol-loving country. Lakhs of people enjoy the taste of the best wines in India every day. Here, we are presenting the top 10 popular wines in India. These are of many types, including some of the best red wines in India. Know more about these best wine brands in India with price.

Explore the list of the top 10 best wines in India.

Wines, beers, vodka, whiskey, etc. are quite popular in India. There are many alcoholic drinks that people love to relish. India is among the top alcohol-consuming countries in the world. Thanks to the soaring love for wines, India has become one of the world’s largest wine-producing nations. In this article, we will look at the top 10 best wines in India. The list of the best wine brands is based on Indians’ choice of their favorite ones.

List of the Best Wine Brands in India

1. KRSMA Sangiovese

KRSMA Sangiovese wines
KRSMA Sangiovese: one of the best wines in India. (Between the Wine)

Originating from the house of KRSMA Estates, Sangiovese is one of the finest wines in India. It tastes pleasant and is known for its deep crimson shade amalgamated with tips of purple. Having been recognized nationally as well as globally for its quality production, KRSMA Sangiovese is certainly one of the best red wines in India. The wine with a lovely blend of fruit flavor can be relished with lighter Indian meals like Malai Chaap, Soya Chaap, Momos, etc.

Winery: KRSMA Estate, Hampi Hills, Karnataka

Price: ₹1,800 for 750 ml. (2012) 

Alcohol Content: 13% 

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2. Chêne Grande Reserve by Grover Zampa

Chêne Grande Reserve by Grover Zampa
Chêne Grande Reserve wines are quite popular in India (rediff)

Chêne Grande Reserve is one of the newly-launched wines by Grover Zampa — an Indian brand started by Kanwal Grover, who is widely recognized as the father of Indian viticulture. One of the finest things about Grover Zampa is that it exhibits the most impressive pedigree in the Indian wine industry. By offering world-class wines, one of the best wine brands in India aims to enhance the blissful experience of having a sip through wine tourism and education in India.

Winery: Grover Zampa Vineyards, Doddaballapura, Karnataka

Price: 750 ML for Rs. 2,100.00

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

3. Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz
Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz is among the best wines in India (stylerug)

One of the best red wines in India to be produced in Maharashtra, Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz has successfully conquered the hearts and souls of millions of Indian wine lovers in a very short time. The wine is known for its perfect blend of plummy and ripe blackberry notes that is amazing to taste. People love to pair it with barbequed or red meats, chargrilled vegetables, charcuterie, etc.

Winery: Four Seasons Vineyards, Baramati, Maharashtra

Price: ₹1165 for 750 ml. (2022) 

Alcohol Content: 13%

4. Imbuko Merlot

Imbuko Merlot Red wine
Imbuko Merlot is a South African wine imported in India (NFB)

Imbuko Merlot is a South African red wine that is extremely popular in India. With an alcohol percentage of 14.22%, slightly higher than regular Indian wines, it has been a best-selling in the industry for many years. However, its India’s alcohol volume is just 13.5%. It comes with a lovely blackberry fragrance and is nicely balanced with supple sweet fruit essence. The flagship wine of Imbuku — one of Africa’s largest wineries, Imbuko Merlot is counted among the best wines in India because it is a healthy choice at an affordable price.

Winery: Farm Uitkyk, Boland Winelands, Wellington, South Africa

Price: ₹1500 for 750 ml.  

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

5. Naara-Aaba

Naara-Aaba Indian wine brand
Naara-Aaba is an Indian wine brand made in Arunachal Pradesh

Naara-Aaba is the pride of India, being one of the very few wine brands produced by an Indian woman entrepreneurTage Rita. She is from Arunachal Pradesh where she launched Naara-Aaba, India’s first organic kiwi wine brand. Its Kiwi wine (sweet), Pecha wine (wild apple), plum wine (red), etc. are some of the most popular wines in India. The wine brand takes pride in calling itself a completely organic wine-maker, supporting hundreds of farmers in Arunachal’s Ziro Valley.

Winery: Naara-Aaba Winery, Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Price: ₹1200-1500

Alcohol Content: 13%

6. Chandon Brut Rosé NV

Chandon Brut Rosé NV
Chandon Brut Rosé NV is counted among the best wines in India. (drinkhacker)

The beauty of Chandon Brut Rosé NV lies in its refreshing blend of redcurrant, cherry sorbet, and pink grapefruit zest. The dry notes of hazelnut and biscuit add delight to the wine’s taste. The wine is a product of the Australian brand Chandon that has won millions of hearts with its delightful taste. Although a little more expensive than other wines in the same range, Chandon Brut Rosé NV gives a royal feel while having it with burgers, chaaps, etc.

Winery: Domaine Chandon, California, United States

Price: ₹1665 for 750 ml. (2022)

Alcohol Content: 12.5%

7. Big Banyan Merlot

Big Banyan Merlot
Big Banyan Merlot is a premium Indian wine from Karnataka

Coming from the alchemy of nature, Big Banyan Merlot is certainly one of the best wines in India. Every glass of wine you enjoy owes its brilliance to the land of its origin. According to the brand, its wines are dedicated to mother earth, to the transformation of seasons, and to the forces of nature. The luminous red wine is loved by millions in India. Slowly and steadily, it has been capturing the Indian wine market, thanks to its delicate taste coming from the flavor of violet specks, and the warm scents of dark cherries, plums, and blackberries.

Winery: Big Banyan Vineyards, Tavarakere, Karnataka

Price: ₹800 for 750 ml. (2012) 

Alcohol Content: 14%

8. Myra Misfit

Myra Misfit
Myra Misfit is intense and amazing (interest)

Misfit was launched by Myra, one of the best wine brands in India, in 2015. The company then claimed this to be India’s first unfiltered wine. Misfit s known for its incredible taste that comes from traditional Cabernet Sauvignon and fruity Shiraz blend. Myra is an internationally recognized wine brand, having received several awards and accolades including the Hong Kong Wine and Spirits (2014) and Decanter Asia Award (2014). The packaged bottle of misfit is another factor arousing its sex appeal among the public.

Winery: Myra Vineyards, Karnataka

Price: ₹1,500 for 750 ml. (2022) 

Alcohol Content: 13%

9. Vallonne Malbec Reserve

Vallonne Wines
Vallonne is one of the best wine brands in India

Vallonne Malbec Reserve, fermented in Nashik’s lush vegetation, is undoubtedly one of the best wines in India. It is red, rich, and intense, along with being popular among the country’s masses. Launched in 2011, Malbec Reserve is among the very few French-style wines in India. the red wine makes itself unique with its velvety tannins that leave the fragrance of raspberry and blackberry after enjoying. You can relish this Maharashtrian beauty with dark meat, burgers, fried paneer, etc.

Winery: Vallonné Vineyards, Taluka, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Price: ₹2100 for 750 ml.

Alcohol Content: 16%

10. York Arros

York Arros wines
York Arros comes in the club of Indian wines with the finest taste

A reserve blend of Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon, York Arros is the flagship wine of York Winery located in Maharashtra’s wine capital Nashik. Popularly known as one of the best wines in India, it is made of the finest barrels from premium vintages. This makes its production difficult and thus is very limited in the market. The ingredients of York Arros include jammy, sweet vanilla, Christmas cake, nutmeg, cloves, blackcurrant & coffee. First, it is aged for 12-15 months in French & American Oak barrels lends, giving the wine an incredible taste and smoothness. Celebrate its fineness with kebabs, spice Indian dishes, etc. for the best of experiences.

Winery: York Estate, Gangavarhe, Nashik, Maharashtra 

Price: ₹1400 for 750 ml.

Alcohol Content: 14%

This is our list of the best wines in India. However, we completely believe that there are certain brands that you might wish were listed here. if you think we have missed a few wines that are quite popular among the people, please suggest us on social media. We would be delighted to add some more to our compilation of the best wines in India.

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